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my friends boyf has asked me to meet him.

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planetflufy Sat 18-Oct-08 18:52:49

Hi there,
can anybody give me a bit of advice. I have been friends with this guy now for about 9 years, we had a bit of a fling when we first met but we became good friends instead. we used to more or less live together at 1 point about 7 years ago as he started seeing the girl who i used to live with. We have allways been quite close friends since and kept in touch quite often. my boyfriends were his mates and his girlfriends became my close friends. When i decided to split up with my ex boyfreind about 2 years ago i thought it would be best to stay away from all our mutual friends and cut ties as we would split up and keep getting back together over and over. The pain did not get any easier no matter how many times we split up so i thought this the best. Because of this i ended up staying away to stop temptation of getting back together with my ex and did not see alot of my close freinds for quite a while.
A few weeks ago i bumped into a few of my close friends at a birthday party and both my male freind who i have been close fiends with for years and his gf, another one of my close friends were there.
Since this meeting the guy has called me and asked if i would meet him, and asked me not to mention it to anybody. I thought that he must be planning something for his gf and wanted my advice. So i agreed to meet him, but i was unable to attend the meeting due to work commitments.
I did not think anything else about it until i had a txt on thurday from him asking me to call him. So i called and again he asked if id meet him, of course i said yeh sure.
Later i thought about y he might want to meet me and decided to txt and ask him why he wanted to meet me.
It was at this point he had txt back wear something sexy.
I was not impressed by this comment and replied stating that his gf is one of my close friends too, so that will never happen.
Now i dont know what to do as i really want to tell her as she is a close friend, but im torn as he is also a close friend and i dont want to upset or hurt any of them.
I think if i was her then i would want to know.
Please help im torn between what to do.!!!

Acinonyx Sat 18-Oct-08 19:26:24

This happened to me and another friend knew about it and said that if I didn't tell the gf they would. So I told her (a very close friend) and she was pretty negative toward me for a while and didn't stop seeing the guy. I've seen this a few times TBH. I would advise you to give him a warning that if he ever attempts anything like this again you will tell the gf - but otherwise say nothing.

more Sat 18-Oct-08 19:34:10

Don't meet up with him and don't say anything to the girlfriend.

planetflufy Sat 18-Oct-08 20:09:56

That sounds like a good idea, i think that when i see her i will feel awkward enough knowing that he has suggested that to me without having to tell her aswell. I wont be meeting up with him, i text him back and made quite clear my views on that so i think he got the message.
i was just torn on weather to let my friend know or not.

umberella Sat 18-Oct-08 20:10:40

he sounds like a catch hmm

SylvieSprings Sat 18-Oct-08 20:51:52

How well do you know your GF&Beau ? If you are certain of his lying and cheating rat character, the next time he asks you out, invite his GF along half an hour before to showcase his txt messages and grand entrance.

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