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Should we try for another baby....relationship is not fantastic

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sweeneytodd Thu 16-Oct-08 19:51:26

We have talked about this and we would both love another child but the relationship is having more downs than ups at the moment

What do you all think?

akhemsProjectilePeaSoup Thu 16-Oct-08 19:52:54

I would think it better to wait til your relationship is more stable.. a baby will simply add to the stress and difficulties ime

teenspirit Thu 16-Oct-08 19:53:41

A definate no.

darkpunk Thu 16-Oct-08 19:54:23

leave it...a new baby is not the answer to problems in a marriage.

hanaflower Thu 16-Oct-08 19:54:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WigWamBam Thu 16-Oct-08 19:56:11

Babies don't heal relationships. They can weaken even strong relationships and can cause terrible damage to rocky ones.

Don't do it until you've sorted your marriage out.

MmeTussaudsChmberOfChocHobnobs Thu 16-Oct-08 19:56:50

No, wait till your relationship is more stable

sweeneytodd Thu 16-Oct-08 19:58:34

I deep down know that we will not seperate but I am 40 next year and I just dont want to leave it too long iyswim

WigWamBam Thu 16-Oct-08 20:01:59

Better work on that relationship PDQ then. smile

Go to Relate or get some other form of couples counselling. But the fact that you don't think you'll split up doesn't alter the fact that babies are not good for rocky relationships, and that rocky relationships are not good for babies.

Purplesplash Fri 17-Oct-08 20:08:37

I just read the first line of this message and my answer is NO. Only because it's a well known fact that you should not have more kids to fix a relationship. It'll just cause more problems. Try and solve your problems or split. Don't even consider more kids...remember how tired and run down you get?

danceontherun Sat 18-Oct-08 16:33:52

Babies DO NOT fix relationships. No matter how cute they are.(the baby not the relationship that is)

gothicmama Sat 18-Oct-08 16:37:57

err no fix the relationship first

wheniwasyoung Sat 18-Oct-08 16:40:33


more Sat 18-Oct-08 19:54:29

No, no, no. Sort out your relationship first.

Moogatron Tue 21-Oct-08 13:59:58

My DH was a band aid baby and his mother is really cold with him compared to the love she has for his older brother because 'DH did not fix her marriage'. This was 38 years ago. I'm not saying your marriage is on the rocks, but don't add a new human being into the mix until you are happy. Relate are great.

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