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does your DH/DP call to let you know when he'll be home??

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blossom2 Fri 04-Mar-05 19:42:13

Or is it just mine who doesn't call even when its 9.00pm ....
just sent him an annoyed text. i could not get hold of him for 2 hours (by email, office number or mobile) ....

Pinotmum Fri 04-Mar-05 19:48:06

Constantly have to ask him to let me know - he's getting a bit better since I started to forget to cook a dinner for him

purpleturtle Fri 04-Mar-05 19:48:28

I keep mine on a much shorter leash.

jabberwocky Fri 04-Mar-05 19:52:39

Well, dh is the SAHD and I always call when I get in the car to tell him I'm on my way. I do wonder how it would be though if it were him working and me staying at home. Men are so different in general than women about this.

I have to admit there were a couple of times when I went out with a friend for a "girl's night out" and didn't hear my cell phone ringing. Dh was quite put out that I hadn't checked in!

joash Fri 04-Mar-05 20:16:55

DH is on time at least 99% of the time - the other 1%, he calls and lets me know (and that's after 21 years of marriage).

janeybops Fri 04-Mar-05 20:26:09


joash Fri 04-Mar-05 20:27:05

Always, and I always know where he is.

joash Fri 04-Mar-05 20:27:29

I'm the one that forgets to let him know - drives him potty.

trinityrocks Sat 05-Mar-05 07:39:39

Always gives me a ring if he's going to be late and if he doesn't ring, he ain't late [smug emoticon] I love my hubby lol

stitch Sat 05-Mar-05 07:52:33

rarrely. but i usually call him to find out when he expects to be at home. he stays over twice a week so its usually a call to ask if he is coming home tonight, translate, do i have to cook you a meal tonight,

NomDePlume Sat 05-Mar-05 08:34:51

If he's going to be late then he tries to let me know. Sometimes it's not always possible, say if he gets called into a mtg at 4.30pm expecting to be done and dusted by his usual 5.30 finish time, but the mtg runs over significantly, it isn't always possible for him to excuse himself to make a call or send a text. It still drives me loopy though, by 5.45pm I'm climbing the walls, desperate for him to get home. It sounds really pathetic but even 30 mins late stresses me out...

moonshine Sat 05-Mar-05 08:41:17

Very rarely - and it drives me mad, especially as he doesn't understand what the big deal is. My 'favourite' occasions are when he calls me at 10pm-ish to let me know that he is having a drink. Well yes I've usually guessed by that time what he's up to!

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