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Sent email to Father I've never met and worried. (Sorry long rambling post)

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kegs82 Sat 11-Oct-08 02:26:41

When I was 16 I tried to contact my Father who I had never met through my Mum's lawyer. I recieved a reply back from his lawyer stating that he was not interested. At the time it was upsetting but I thought I'd got over it.

I'm now 26 and in May this year out of curiousity I googled his name and found him on the Just Giving website as he was fundraising in memory of his Father who had recently died of Cancer. On the website it included his email address to contact him regarding the fundraising. After some consideration I sent him an email expressing my sympathies at his loss and wished him luck in his fundraising. In the email I also stated that I did not expect anything from him and was not suprised when he did not reply.

At the moment I cant sleep as I'm 34+6wks pregnant with DC3 & thought I'd clear out my emails. I discovered that I had saved my Father as a contact in Hotmail. I'm not sure why but decided before deleting him from contacts to send him 1 last email. In the em

quinne Sat 11-Oct-08 06:40:35

I guess you know that its not a good idea to taken on such an emotional task when you are heavily pregnant (i.e. hormonal and need to minimise stress)?

I am sorry he has treated you so and I can fully understand why you would want to know who your father is, beyond a name and maybe a photograph. It is cruel that he won't do even that for you, but my advice would be not to open this can of worms at this point in your life. Wait a year or at least six months.

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