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Give your PILs a virtual hug here!

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logic Thu 03-Mar-05 17:54:45

I've been hearing a few people moaning lately about how grim and awful their PILs are - not being above accepting vast amounts of their free time and money though - and it's depressing me.

My PILs are great, bloody fantastic. They deserve a great big virtual hug and there must be others out there too. Who else would help with the housework, help you move house, babysit regularly and cook you lovely Sunday dinners? And best of all, they adore your kids and spoil them rotten.

Three cheers for them I say!

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 17:55:57

Lucky you, logic Three cheers for your PILs!

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 18:02:23

Message withdrawn

munnzieb Thu 03-Mar-05 18:18:04

well mine r ok in small doses, if that can count! (and they're not drinking!)

jampots Thu 03-Mar-05 18:18:37

that you have nice inlaws Logic but in response to your question in second paragraph "no-one helps with my housework, helps move house, babysits AT ALL, and cooks lovely Sunday dinners. Nor do they love and spoil my kids rotten"

But three cheers for anyones who does!

slug Fri 04-Mar-05 10:15:42

Oh Oh, mine too!!! I love my inlaws (possibly more than dh) they're just the most fab couple who saved me from post natal depression by taking the sluglet 2 days a week when she was only 3 months old so i could go back to work.

Pinotmum Fri 04-Mar-05 10:35:36

My goodness they sound marvellous and should rightly be appreciated. However, I sadly don't have such a positive experience with mine

alicatsg Fri 04-Mar-05 10:45:25

wanna swap? my MIL is only slightly soiled.....

NotQuiteCockney Fri 04-Mar-05 10:47:37

Mine have improved vastly now that DS1 is reasonably old (3), and they adore him, so they can't keep disapproving of my methods!

Also, now he's not a baby, I trust them with him, and let them take him away for an hour or two, which they really appreciate.

We spent a few days there over the Xmas holidays, and will no doubt do the same over Easter.

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