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Struggling a bit with dh's moods.

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nickytwoooohtimes Tue 07-Oct-08 20:24:35

He has always been a person who is either really happy or utterly m,iserable/angry.
He is never angry towards me, but I have to listen to his rants. Our relationship is good and very loving, but I do struggle with coping with his Victor Meldrew tendencies. He is also a total pessimist which makes me down. It is upsetting me atm.
Anyone else havew a partner like this?

southeastastra Tue 07-Oct-08 20:25:42

hmm sounds familiar

nickytwoooohtimes Tue 07-Oct-08 20:31:23

Yours is like that too, SEA?
God, it's a drag at times.
If he had had a bad childhood, he'd be bipolar, I swear. As it is, he's just this side of ok.

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