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kimbie Wed 02-Mar-05 14:05:44

Im so worried about my sister.
Her dp is so mean to her. He can be really nice and loving with her but if they ever have an argument and he cant handle it, my sis gets a slap.
He even does it in public. Nobody would dare stop him though cause they would get hirt too. He even wants a baby with her and they only been together 4 months. If she comes on her period he sulks (shes says shes not ready yet)Im just really worried about her and feel i cant help her bcause she says; their fine and she deserves a slap sometimes. Something much worse can happen to her 1day.I dont want her to have a baby with him one day then she would definetly b stuck with him and poor baby.
shes 21,his 28.
Any advice please, to how i can help my sis in her situation. Thanks.

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