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What can I get dh for his bday tomorrow????

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Acinonyx Thu 02-Oct-08 10:00:40

It's not that I forgot exactly - I just haven't done anything about it for some reason. This tends to happen. I am the dreaded spouse that never quite gets to grips with bdays, anniversaries etc.

We've been married 11 yrs and have one dd (3). I am totally running out of ideas for a bday present. He's not really into sports at all but does cycle to work some days. He likes DIY but I don't really understand which gadgets and widgets he has already or might use. He's interested in art, history and geneology. I feel I've exhausted those avenues in past years though.

Oh yes, and I'd like to be able to get it quickly! Any ideas????

sayithowitis Thu 02-Oct-08 10:42:17

What about one of those 'experience days'? There are lots of things to choose from, some which you can do together, and you can get a gift package for them from places like W H Smith.
Or, arrange tickets for a show ( if you are near London). You can do that online and give him a card with a homemade certificate inside telling him what and when he will get his treat?
Or, can you arrange a sitter and organise a night or two in a hotel for the two of you? Maybe you could treat yourself to some sexy underwear as a treat for him IYSWIM! Give him a nice time for a couple of days?
Buy him a CD and tuck a promise note inside giving him the chance to choose either a day/night out at an event/venue of his choice?
Sorry, probably not vey helpful but hopefully you might think of something soon! Good luck and I hope he loves whatever you do!smile

Acinonyx Thu 02-Oct-08 11:05:22

Well I have managed to arrange a babysitter tomorrow night for only the second time in 3 years! So we will go out to dinner. I feel I should have some sort of present though - but not too expensive as I don't actually have any money i.e. he will end up paying for it!

Couple of days shock - not sure I could deliver on that!

Might cruise some 'experience days' - I expect they're a bit pricey though.


sayithowitis Thu 02-Oct-08 11:08:30

Another idea, my DH bought me a taster subscription to WH Smith dvd online rental for my birthday. It included 8 rentals plus a pair of cinema tickets. Don't think it was too expensive. The tickets come after you have registered the subscription online. You can get the gift pack from the shops. That way you can have some romantic nights in watching films.

mishymoo Thu 02-Oct-08 11:11:54

What about a DIY book if he's interested in DIY. I bought the Reader's Digest one for my DH as a father's day present last year and he is always referring to it when demolishing fixing anything in our house!

Will try and find a link if you're interested.

QueenMary Thu 02-Oct-08 11:15:30

Beer and lots of sex usually does the trick.

Acinonyx Thu 02-Oct-08 11:25:49

dvd rental is an idea - we have no rental place where we live.

mishy - I think we already have it - and a ton of other books and widgets I've bought over the years. I could probably get something DIY-related if I actually understood it.

QueenMary - not sure about 'lots' but probably 'some'....

TwoPumpkins Thu 02-Oct-08 12:09:35

Amazon do some flying dragonflies and the like, went down well with my DH, made him feel like he got a real toy iyswim

BEAUTlFUL Thu 02-Oct-08 12:17:00

Have you looked on Men love everything on there & they do superfast delivery. Lots of bike gadgets.

BEAUTlFUL Thu 02-Oct-08 12:17:53

Or, a digital photoframe (on high street) loaded up with photos from the past 11 years? That would be thoughtful & easy.

Acinonyx Thu 02-Oct-08 12:33:22

All good ideas. I did look into digital photoframes last year but it's beyond my budget - the reviews suggested the cheaper ones were not worth it.

Couple of things on that link though. My limit is really about 50 pounds - but less would be good!

Acinonyx Thu 02-Oct-08 13:05:32

Brilliant. I ordered the luggage scales and phone charger from that website and I've noted a couple of the more expensive items, hoping I might be able to manage one of those for Xmas. And they should arrive tomorrow! Thanks everyone smile

BEAUTlFUL Thu 02-Oct-08 13:17:33

It's the best site ever, isn't it? I use it every Xmas and male-birthday. Good for tomboy girlfriends, too -- like the shot-glass ice-moulds, etc.

Hooray for you and hope he has a good birthday!

Acinonyx Thu 02-Oct-08 13:27:22

I've fallen in love with the laser-cosmos thingy. Very tempted to get that for dh for Xmas so I can use it....

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