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is it worth the heartache??

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cherrybee123 Sun 28-Sep-08 10:42:46

i live for my man and my kids but i feel that i am being taken for granted at every opportunity. i pay the bills i get the kids sorted and even organise the other halves social life, when do i say enough is enough??? all i'm asking for is someone to just look out for me now and again, you know run me a bath, get up with the kids or summat. Am i expecting too much??? someone please help im at my wits end

ConstanceWearing Sun 28-Sep-08 10:50:57

No, you aren't expecting too much. Lots of people on here say that men are crap at mind reading, so if you want something from them be specific and tell them what you want. Then, if you still don't get it, taking a running kick at his backside.

ConstanceWearing Sun 28-Sep-08 10:53:33

Clearly, you are the sort to anticipate other people's wants and needs, and you would like somebody to do that for you now and again. They're never going to do this though, because they see you as the helper and them as the receiver - and probably always will, unless you tell them that you are not ever-capable, and you also have wants and needs.

TheProvincialLady Sun 28-Sep-08 11:23:48

You live for your man and kids? It's no wonder they see you as a pushover. You are your own person and deserving of a life as much as they are. You are selling yourself very short by acting this way and you are not doing them any favours either. You need to TELL your DP and your DC what they are going to do to contribute to the running of the family - it is not just your responsibility. In the long run what will happen is that you become a resentful martyr, which is not attractive and not much fun for anyone to live with.

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