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Got this message on a friend/dating site - someone seems a little confused!

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scaredoflove Sat 27-Sep-08 01:27:23

I would like to meet some ladies between 20-50, who is honest and derect. say what you mean and mean what you say, someone who is out going, I am looking for someone who knows what it means to be a real man. In my mind being a man isn't measured on how good you are in bed, the size of your pe**s, what car you drive, the location of your home, the depth of your wallet, being perfect or the people you call your friends. Its about being honest, loyal, dedicated, intelligent, genuine, and confident. Someone who has a heart, which it is not only something physical within them, but is apart of who they really are every day. Their heart and soul is never hidden from others. A woman who is not afraid to be who he is. All of us have our imperfections and are attracted to all different qualities both inside and out. I like a woman to be strong minded and bodied, romantic and caring, honest and loyal. Employed and wanting to grow further with his passions. Dedicated to the ones he loves and not afraid to find love in another. Who likes the peacefulness of the Pines and basking in a pool under the sun. Likes to explore, travel and enjoy the night life equally as much as being home watching a movie or spending time with friends in a relaxing setting. Someone who can commit himself to building a life with someone instead of building countless numbers of orgasms with hundreds of people. To sum it all up, I want to find a man who is not afraid to be real! I want the real you to be a woman that can stand up for himself and be who he is when he wants to be not when he thinks he has to be.I want him to be able to communicate well with me and be able to tell me everything thats going on in his life so that I may be able to better help him deal with those situations that arise in our lifes. ends and quite times alone when needed

So is he male or female....looking for a male or female?? Says male, i'm not to sure lol
Now do I answer him?!? grin

solidgoldbrass Sat 27-Sep-08 01:33:11

I wouldn't bother. People who go on about wanting someone 'genuine' who sees the 'real person' and doesn't care about money etc are always fucking ugly, unemployed, unemployable, self-pitying and desperate. grin.

wzmo Sat 27-Sep-08 01:35:01

do you like the idea of what this person says? are you looking for the same qualitys? sounds as though this person is also just looking for a friend and maybe someone to enjoy life with, and as your name says maybe you would like that as well. so.... does it really matter?

scaredoflove Sat 27-Sep-08 01:40:01

I wonder why he gets the masculine and feminine mixed up, really made me laugh

RealityGap Sat 27-Sep-08 14:17:40

email him and ask!!

ladystardust Sat 27-Sep-08 19:59:15

Perhaps his/her first language is not the same as yours?

ivykaty44 Sat 27-Sep-08 20:01:51

I take it there is no photo - no photo no reply as they have something to hide.....

retiredgoth Sat 27-Sep-08 20:13:12 are all commendably liberal in your interpretations!

This is plainly written by a nutter...

....I imagine a Bunter-esque 55 year old, he is peering myopically through coke bottle bottom specs at his screen as he types. There is an egg stain of indeterminate age on his tank top, and his tongue is protuding from the corner of his mouth as he rushes to tap the last few letters with one finger...

....he nust hurry, as Mother will call him for High Tea any minute...

Go on. Mail him. Betcha I'm right.....

scaredoflove Sat 27-Sep-08 20:25:32

retiredgoth --- thank you!

I was really laughing when I got it and then saw the replies here and thought I was maybe being mean

wzmo Sun 28-Sep-08 14:56:43

now that i read it again i think as said above either that they speak a different first language or as retiredgoth said is ''a plain nutter!!!'' who sent you this?? and they wanted you to reply??

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