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Am GRRRR with DH so shall make you endure my huff here rather than texting it to him (easier on the thumbs)

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snigger Fri 26-Sep-08 09:26:28

DH & I never really go out much, mainly because I've never found a sitter I like enough.

Anyway, today's my day off, DH unexpectedly turns round and says he can shuffle stuff round today and take the day off with me, lets go catch a movie and have lunch while the DDs are at school.

Great, I say. I just have to drop Anne (Old lady we used to live next to, manipulative old bugger, but I give her lifts, help out occasionally, as she has no family) in Nearest Big Town, where we're going anyway if we're to see a film.

Nonononono, says DH, you know she only phones you when she needs a taxi service.

Want to make something of it? says I.

Long story short, DH tantrums on the grounds Anne is being a PITA and is 'using' me, and he's not rescheduling so he can spend time with her.

I tantrum saying she's old, she's alone, it's no biggie surely to have her in the car half an hour there and back, we'll have the day together while she's off tootling.

Doors slam, DH goes to work, I come on here, and Anne's probably wondering where the hell I am.


That feels better.

I'll check back later to see if you think DH is now going to divorce me grin hmm

sayithowitis Fri 26-Sep-08 11:24:26

Sorry, but I'm with your DH on this. He has done something which I would consider to be quite romantic, and you seem more concerned about your neighbour! Couldn't you have just told her that you couldn't give her a lift today? Poor man! You don't have much of a social life together because you don't have any babysitters you like enough, he tries to arrange something which is a good compromise and you appear to be putting the needs of a neighbour above him! Don't like to be harsh but I do think you were wrong! Maybe you could arrange something for an evening for the two of you to show him that he is a priority for you as well?

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