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Inflamed Response

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ToughDaddy Mon 22-Sep-08 21:39:22

Worth listening to the BBC programme on their website. It is called "Inflamed Response" and was on BBC R4 at 21:00hrs tonight. It included a number of insights into how relationships and trauma affect your children's long term health.

Should probably have put this one in the Health or News section but it is the bit about relationships that I found very interesting.

You will be able to listen again online at

Programme synopsis: Claudia Hammond investigates inflammation, the body's first line of defence against injury and infection. Researchers now realise that when it fails to switch off, the process is responsible for a host of unrelated medical conditions from cardiovascular disease to cancer.
Claudia examines how research into chronic inflammation is giving new insights into the relationship between mind and body and how interventions such as diet and exercise are proving effective in breaking the damage of an inflamed response.

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