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I dont think he likes me dont you agree...

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brassmonkeys Sat 20-Sep-08 13:34:31

My DH is and I have just had a barney .He goes shopping every Saturday even though I am a SAHM .
Well today I asked him to get a few things washing powder that kind of thing and he said I could go and get in the week or is it that I am to busy to do anything like that.I said I would and be happy to do the weekly shop everyweek (so he is not having to go on Saturday.He says I buy the wrong food and spend to much money on CRAP WTF.
He also went on to say that if I was`nt such a bad cook he could buy different food .
So I am Shit cook, Shit at shopping and I must be A shit shag as he has not been near me for 6 years since our DD was concieved(sp).He claims he feels to much overweight and is unattractive.He has now started the gym and lost about 3 stone which I have been supportive about it dealing with home life so he can spend an extra hour out of the house first tbhing in the morning.
Know he goes on about my diet and putting weight on...
At every opportunity he puts me down he NEVER gives me a compliment about how the kids are doing at school or the way I look or having a clean shirt, clean the f**king house.etc etc you get my drift
I would say he can`t stand me would you agree????

ilovetochat Sat 20-Sep-08 13:37:19

he is taking you forgranted, tell him to cook his own shit dinner then while you go out for an hour.

lulumama Sat 20-Sep-08 13:41:35

do you like him?

you need to talk, communicate and get to the root of this.

relate might be a help?

pinkmook Sat 20-Sep-08 13:41:42

He sounds like a shit husband. tell him to stick that in his shit dinner and fucking eat it! Sorry not very helpful but the man is an arse.

compo Sat 20-Sep-08 13:43:31

does he have any positive attributes ? a good dad? why are you with him? do you love him? how old are your kids?

brassmonkeys Sat 20-Sep-08 13:45:03

He wont get help I have asked loads of time we cant afford it and cos we live abroad we have no babysitting in place.He says

I have told him he can make his own tea from now on but that can`t go on for ever It would only be a temporay victory for me

I do like him but am sick of him being negative about everything well me
I want the man back i married years ago.But I think he is long gonesad

DisenchantedPlusBump Sat 20-Sep-08 13:45:40

Hes nasty to you,


he has lost weight, started at the gym

spends extra time out of the house

and hasn't touched you in 6 years ...

sorry to say this but do you think he is faithful?

Sounds like he has someone else to me

beanieb Sat 20-Sep-08 13:47:13

So he does the weekly shop but refuses to buy anything that isn't food because it's your job?

brassmonkeys Sat 20-Sep-08 13:49:06

No I don`t think he has someone else he would be scared of losing his kids as he knows I would run straight back to the U.K.
He is agood dad and the kids dote on him he would do anything for them

brassmonkeys Sat 20-Sep-08 13:52:33

I apparantly(sp) use a lot of washing powder.So buying every 3-a weeks is to much
He is a TIT
We have 2 kids 8 and 5 what does he think happens to his clothes.Cant believe we argued over fucking washing powder he really needs to get a grip or I will round his throat

Sanctuary Sat 20-Sep-08 14:30:58

Stand up to him and tell him you are his wife not his skivvy

Don`t let him put you down like this he sounds very insecure himself

Tell him he can cook and wash for himself from now on

Hes a shit husband from the sounds of things

a) he hates himself and takes it out on you
b) no, he doesn't like you

Can you get a job?
You need a running away fund.

He sounds like a right bitch.

undercovercat Sat 20-Sep-08 14:40:32

It sounds like he doesnt like himself very much and is projecting that onto you OR he doesnt like you.

Not sure what to suggest. Maybe be nice, and polite, and serve food. And when he is nasty, ask him why he feels the need to be so nasty and negative?

Ask if he is happy?

I think I'd serve him laxatives.
Or arsenic.

I'd want to say Belt up or I fk off.
But you have to mean it about fking off.

brassmonkeys Sat 20-Sep-08 14:46:10

I am nice to him .I tell how well he has done with his weight loss and how good he looks.

When he is negative I do ask him why
Is he happy?? and he just looks at me as if I am asking a stupid question or something and just walks away
I have asked him if he wants us to split up he just snaps no and walks away

What am I meant to think????

Bugger what you're meant to think - what do you think?

LIZS Sat 20-Sep-08 14:51:05

Sorry I'm sort of with Disenchanted - what has brought about this sudden change in motivation to lose weight etc hmm. He is criticising you to make himself feel better for whatever reason (low self esteem, justify poor behaviour, stress perhaps?) and to undermine your self esteem and confidence. Why don't you flip this round and suggest he buys and cooks something nice, healthy and tasty which the kid will eat as an example.

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