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How do you get DH 's into a debate -DH torn by work or family

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daffodill6 Wed 17-Sep-08 23:01:30

I've been a bit harsh tonight with DH (or view I'm standing up for family).

To summarise: DH wants to take a work opportunity which really excites him - BUT likely to take him away from home more ie a week at a time .... and with minimal financial benefit. Initially I said yes OK as I knew it was something he wanted to do, but he needed to make sure other family commitments were squared off.

3 months along, ...little squaring off has happened, dd school evening missed, next saturday dd commitments put aside for me to do because of new work commitments, plus opportunity to attend very relevant secondary school open evening not likely to attend.

I understand he is working hard..but I challenged him about all of this ... and basically he's sulked. I'm not necessarily right but if someone won't even enter the debate what do you do???

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