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At the eleventh hour husband has agreed to go!

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littlemissworry Tue 16-Sep-08 18:54:33

At the last minute I am finally able to take my dcs back home - hooray! But what a nightmare. There was no way h would leave the family home so I went down the road of renting a property for me and my boys. The rent was all paid upfront for 6 months. But when I took them to see it yesterday ds1 was so upset and I just knew I couldn't go through with living there with them. So in a last ditch attempt I spoke to h who, knowing that he didn't have the hassle of looking or paying any rent, has agreed to go in there. I am very relieved BUT also EXTREMELY angry at what we have had to go through and how financially he has paid nothing for this property and will not pay a penny. AND how he wants me to sort out moving his stuff (I have also paid for removal of furniture). At our marriage counselling last week, the counsellor told him that it would be the end if he tried to get me back at the moment and said that counselling was pointless right now as we are in such different places. She told me I have to learn to stand up to him (very true), and he needs to get help for impulsivity etc, if he wants to get me back. I think he continues to be reasonable about this moving situation though!

littlemissworry Tue 16-Sep-08 18:55:46

sorry that was meant to be UNreasonable about moving.

jenk1 Tue 16-Sep-08 19:06:26

im so pleased for you that you can return to your home,hopefully you will be able to settle straight back in and your dc,s will be a lot happier.

well done you!!!!!

littlemissworry Tue 16-Sep-08 19:44:17

It's such a relief smile. I feel guilty about him having to move out but the most important thing is that the boys get back to normal at home.

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