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karma18 Tue 16-Sep-08 18:47:54

Before me and my boyfriend were dating I saw a ex boyfriend of mine, we went out a couple of times. Of course we had sex, I got pragnet. When i realized I was prego I was already dating my other boyfriend, who is still with me and we are living together. My mother found out I was pragnet again for the second time she jus went nuts. She suspected it was from my ex, beacuase I became prego from him when I was 15. That pregnacy ended with a miscariage. My parents were sad, disappointed that I would comment the same mistake for the second time. My mother became very angery calling me a whore, and insaulting me the whole time. No one in my family would talk to me, and i needed them more then ever. So I lied and told my parents that the pragnecy test my mom found belong to a friend. So i ran away with my boyfriend he didnt know I was pragnet, I lied to him that my parents kicked me out. In a way they did they said that if i was pragnet that i would be sent to a young pragnet teen home. The next day after i ran away with him, my friends called me and said that the poplice were looking for me and questioning them. I went back to my parents house they asked me if I was pragnet i said no, i lied to them were i really ran away. My parents still forced me to take a prenacy test, of course it came out positive. My mother said that she woudlnt want my baster child in the house with her, so I had to get an abortion. Having in an abortion is the worst thing i ever had to do, it still hurst in can not believe i actually did it. Its the biggest sin i have ever done! My boyfriend didnt now what was going on at all, and still doesnt.

Since them things have gone better for me and my family. I live with my boyfirend the one i ran away with. He told me that he was going to tell my parents that when I ran away, I left with him not with a friend. I just said go ahead. He told my mother a couple of days ago when we went to go visist them. I started to cry beacuse I knew I was discoved by both of them. He asked my mother why she kicked me out and she said that she didnt i just ran away. My mother right away changed the conversation, which was good of her or else he would of found out of the abortion! We visit my parents every weekend and i know he will bring it up again. I know when he hears the whole story he will leave me, he wont forgive me for lieing, and who would right? So know Im scared, sad, guilty. I dont want to talk with my mother beacause i will have to admit everything that happened and if I tell my boyfriend I have a huge feeling he will leave me! I DONT KNOW WAT TO DO!!! I NEED ADVICE NOW!!!!

squigglywig Tue 16-Sep-08 18:54:02

I really think, though you won't want to, that you need to sit down with your boyfriend calmly and talk to him about everything that has gone on. You obviously want to save this relationship - and you can't do that by hiding from the truth, again, and letting him find out through your Mum.

karma18 Tue 16-Sep-08 19:18:15

its just going the be really hard, all of this has happened in less then a year. I was sad and lonley got my parents trust again, happy with my family and my boyfriend. Now all of this! I no what comes around goes around, but its too hard

squigglywig Tue 16-Sep-08 19:55:07

You can come through the other side - but you have to do the hard work now. You really can't run forever.

If you face up to the truth now and deal with the fall out you'll be able to move on honestly and rebuild your life without fear. If you lie your way through this crisis then something else will happen again in the future that will put you at risk of being "discovered" and you'll be right back where you are now.

You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to start again honestly.

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