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Emotional / verbal abuse - do you spot it the second time ?

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lowbattery Sun 14-Sep-08 14:02:47

Have just left a long marriage and only now realise that i was on the receiving end of serious emotional / verbal abuse.Looking back it was obvious in the beginning and escalated over time.
I now feel quite angry , and very foolish that i was that easy to manipulate and control.
Will i spot this if i come across it again ? I now doubt my own judgement and dont trust myself.
How does this happen?

nametaken Sun 14-Sep-08 17:42:31

Hi, you say that you only now realise that you were on the receiving end of serious emotional and verbal abuse, but, deep down, you must have known earlier, or why else would you have reason to quit your marriage?

I think the anger you feel now is just a normal delayed reaction to the way in which you've (allowed yourself to) been treated.

You have no reason to doubt your own judgement or not to trust yourself - because you've left haven't you? - so your instincts must have been good. smile

Try to just spend the next 6 months focusing on yourself and not worrying that the exact same thing will happen again.

BitOfFun Sun 14-Sep-08 17:45:37

I have had this in the past, and YES, I would spot it in a second now, I know I would. You will have learnt so much, I'm sure - don't worry, next time forewarned is forearmed smile

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