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I've thrown out sexy undies which weren't mine!

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YoVicko Sun 14-Sep-08 07:43:37

My ex (1 month) came back from boys trip away to see DS. I offered to wash his clothes but he was so cagey about the suitcase that I was suspicious. When he was bathing DS I looked inside and found he'd bought some sexy undies which were clearly not intended for me (he has a new girlfriend). I got a f**ing fridge magnet. I threw them away. Saw each other yesterday to take ds to a party - he hasn't mentioned it.. was I wrong?

Cappuccino Sun 14-Sep-08 07:45:41


if he is your ex it's nothing to do with you

and you were rummaging through his suitcase

onceinalifetime Sun 14-Sep-08 07:47:01

Why did you offer to wash his clothes?

MaryBS Sun 14-Sep-08 08:30:24

Washing his clothes? shock

Yes, you were wrong to go into his case, but it was an entirely understandable reaction on finding the underwear blush.

RubySlippers Sun 14-Sep-08 08:32:25

you are jealous i think

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 14-Sep-08 08:35:14

What were you doing in his suitcase? He is allowed to be cagey, you are not together any more.

none of your business.

FairLadyRantALot Sun 14-Sep-08 08:36:27

he is your EX...therefore he can date who he wants....his only responsibility now is to his child...
you were wrong to snoop and even more wrong to throw something , that wasn't your, out!

watsthestory Sun 14-Sep-08 08:40:31

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Sun 14-Sep-08 09:30:22

You were wrong; but I probably would have done the same thing.....

SmugColditz Sun 14-Sep-08 09:32:26

1 why is he bring his suitcase to yours?
2 why were you going through it?
3 you clearly need to throw him out.

cluckyagain Sun 14-Sep-08 09:32:37

Entirely and completely wrong to offer to wash his clothes!! He should jolly well do them himself (or get his lovely new girlfriend who now has no knickers, to do them instead!)

hecate Sun 14-Sep-08 09:42:07

Do you want him back? Is that why you are doing the domestic things for him?

It's over. That means the washing is not your problem and where he sticks his dick is not your business. It must hurt and I'm sorry about that, but if you are not able to accept that the relationship has changed and there are new rules, you are going to continue to be hurt.

First rule - no washing/ironing/cooking!

Dior Sun 14-Sep-08 09:47:24

Message withdrawn

zippitippitoes Sun 14-Sep-08 09:51:39

he is your ex you shouldn't be looking in his suitcase or washin g his clothes

im surprised he hasnt had a row with you if hethrew away something hed bought shock

zippitippitoes Sun 14-Sep-08 09:52:54

if you threw away something hed bought

lulumama Sun 14-Sep-08 09:55:22

totally and utterly wrong

firstly, you are clearly still pining for him if you offer to do his washing after you have split

secondly, you are being jealous and petty

i presume he is an ex for a reason, so he why do you have an issue with him having someone else? unless he was seeing her before you split up

you threw away someone else's property, you should be reimbursing him

luckylady74 Sun 14-Sep-08 09:56:15

How old are you? I ask because this is really immature behaviour on your part and you're a doormat for offering to do his washing. Either that or you don't really believe you've split up and are demeaning yourself to win him back - not sure if washing his socks is the way to do it though.

Lauriefairycake Sun 14-Sep-08 10:01:20

Of course it was wrong.

However, it sounds like you're really sad that you're not together any more so look after yourself and try not to do things that affect him anymore.

Cappuccino Sun 14-Sep-08 10:08:47

mind you a bloke who buys underwear for a woman he has been seeing for just a couple of weeks isn't much of a catch tbh

they're clearly a present for him not her

they're not a nice romantic/ thoughtful present for a new lover

I imagine one of the reasons you split up with him was because he was a selfish man who bought shit gifts, yes?

solidgoldbrass Sun 14-Sep-08 10:11:37

Why should he be buying you expensive gifts when he is NOT YOUR PARTNER ANY MORE? He need to let go. He wants to be with someone else and nothing you can do will change that, you will only hurt yourself and make yourself look stupid by snooping through his possessions and damaging property that is NOT YOURS.

TigerFeet Sun 14-Sep-08 10:17:31

Was it your idea to split or his?

you were in the wrong, but I do understand why you did it - throw the undies away that is, not offer to do his washing or rifle through his suitcase in the first place.

Cappuccino Sun 14-Sep-08 10:18:28

how does throwing them away change things though? is it going to stop him shagging the new woman?

purpleduck Sun 14-Sep-08 10:18:49

You know you were unreasonable, please stay within bounds (as an ex) or else your relationship with your ex will deteriorate, and your son will suffer.

Is he still living with you?

purpleduck Sun 14-Sep-08 10:19:28

BTW, fridge magnets are useful

TigerFeet Sun 14-Sep-08 10:21:00

In all honesty, I think I'd rather have a fridge magnet than a pair of frilly knickers [gimmer]

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