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Ideas for spicing things up a bit.

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iheartginashoes Thu 11-Sep-08 17:05:15

Dh and I have a weekend away in a few weeks - nice hotel, no kids etc.

We had a few problems in the bedroom, b ut thingsseem to be sorting themselves out.

Just looking for some inspiration for ideas to spice things up a bit for a "special" night while we are there wink

Websites for nice underwear - have tried Ann S in the past but v. expensive and crap quailty although I know thats not the point grin

Role play/ dressing up I dont really know. sad

Philpot Thu 11-Sep-08 17:26:56

Have you tried Topshop for saucy underwear? They've got some nice stuff. Otherwise, I'd try something that will give you a laugh, a stupid sex toy or something. Anything too serious in the way of role play etc. may just make him or you a bit uptight and you certainly don't want performance anxiety getting in the way. Doing things completely differently for a change is good - like a change of position, you taking charge if he usually initiates, that sort of thing.

Anifrangapani Thu 11-Sep-08 19:22:55

Dh bought me some toys for both him and me to use, including a fab rabbit that can be used for both him and me. Also looking at porn together for inspiration...most of it we laughed at together, but there were a few things that we tried that have certainly made things better. The biggest thing was both being relaxed with ourselves and each other. I know that if I just want a cuddle then he won't be pissed off. Likewise If either of us wants sex then the other doesn't automatically play the headache/tired card. Relaxing and going with the flow has worked really well.

Yours sincerely
formerly once a quarter if you were lucky and now walking like John Wayne and Lovin' it grin

geordieminx Thu 11-Sep-08 19:55:37

candles, bindfolds, massage, nice underwear?

SexyMilf Thu 11-Sep-08 21:38:16


Have fun wink

OrmIrian Thu 11-Sep-08 21:39:24

Curry powder.

geordieminx Thu 11-Sep-08 21:44:30


BabyDubsEverywhere Fri 12-Sep-08 11:38:24 used to be very good and cheap and battries are supplied, all deliverd in brown paper lol!

AnnasBananas Fri 12-Sep-08 12:58:01

Don't laugh, but M&S have some quite sexy stuff, OK not nipple-peep bras and crutchless panties, but sexy push-up bras, G's and suspender belts all good prices. My DH loves suspender belts and you know i've only worn one (for him) once, perhaps I could be making more effort too???

You could get a funky bikini wax and keep it a surprise until you are at the hotel, are you brave/mad enough for a Brazilian?

Boots have the Durex 'Play' range, small-scale vibrators and novelty lubes etc could be worth a try if you don't have a big budget.

Take a bottle of massage oil/lotion that you haven't used before as a treat, can be a lovely relaxed way to get things started.

If you feel daunted about role play don't bother to try it, go with what you really would like to try.

Hope you both enjoy the break, sounds like heaven to me.

BitOfFun Fri 12-Sep-08 13:04:53

I've got a brilliant board game called Monogamy which is a great evening's entertainment, and good because it builds up slowly and involves lots of chatting and sharing your thoughts as well as some silliness and sexy fun. Have had it for a year and still like playing it, so check it out. I would feel self-concious just prancing around in frillies, but a warm-up like this kind of thing with a few glasses of wine loosens the inhibitions over the night!

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