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What to do next........??

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talie101 Wed 10-Sep-08 15:57:25

Cutting a long story short, went out with a guy a few times but for various reasons (distance being one issue), didn't take things any further and stopped seeing each other... but we've always had a real connection and just seem to click.

Have been keeping in touch via text for the last year varying from a couple of times a week to nearly every day and have dated others in the meantime. We discussed starting to date again but circumstances didn't allow up until this weekend when we made arrangements to meet up. He came to see me for a couple of hours (he lives two hours away and we were both very tired after a hectic weekend). It was like we hadn't stopped seeing each other, short time together but really relaxed and very nice spending time together.

He text me a couple of times on his way home "...sweet dreams..."/ "....till next time..." etc and have heard nothing since. On top of replying to those texts, I've text to just ask if he was ok and did he get home safely... no reply. I also sent another text a day later to just say I understand if he doesn't feel the same way as he did before and that's fine but could he just let me know he's ok... no reply, and I phoned his mobile which went straight to answerphone.

I am really concerned about him and don't understand why he hasn't replied... he has ALWAYS replied to my texts and questions very openly and honestly and this is totally out of character.... I'm now at a loss as to what to do and am thinking the worse, like him having had an accident on the way home and unable to contact me, but I have no way of finding out.... I have no home details. Do you think I'm worrying unnecessarily and just take it he doesn't want to see me again and leave things? I really don't want to keep asking if he's ok and just doesn't want to speak again, although I don't think I deserve to be ignored... but I also don't want to give up on him if something bad has happened and maybe he needs some support?

Any advice appreciated please.

Overmydeadbody Wed 10-Sep-08 16:01:29

I think you are over-worrying.

If something had happened and he needed your support you would have known by now.

I think you need to just leave it. There is no point worrying if you can't get in contact with him anyway.

Presumably if it was something really really bad someone else would have contacted his friends in his phone to let them know.

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