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Sexual tension at work - harmless fun or always potentially harmful?

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overtoyou Mon 08-Sep-08 10:42:48

I mean very public flirting/banter/inuendo, which makes everyone laugh, not intimate lunches and private jokes.

nappyaddict Mon 08-Sep-08 10:43:42

it depends if either of you have partners.

DrNortherner Mon 08-Sep-08 10:45:05

fun I would say. Goes on in most workplaces I reckon.

HappyWoman Mon 08-Sep-08 10:47:09

can be harmless - but if there are partners involved would you be happy for them to walk in and 'share' the joke?

If yes then it is harmless.

I have worked in such places but was also very open to my h about it and would not have worried if he walked in on it.

stillstanding Mon 08-Sep-08 10:47:48

Always potentially harmful but really depends on how you play it.

I remember one wise poster on here said once that if you are having to ask whether it is harmful then you probably know you are heading in the wrong direction.

WideWebWitch Mon 08-Sep-08 10:48:19

wouldn't occur to me to do this
I suppose I did when I was younger and single

overtoyou Mon 08-Sep-08 11:14:51

nappya In what way does it depend? Does the fact that you have partners make it safe, in that you know nothing can happen, or do you mean it's only Ok if you are both single?

happy I would be fine with DH being there, in fact I often tell him "you'll never guess what X said today" and this was my clever response. Not sure X would tell his wife though.

WWW I'm not sure it's something that "occurs" to you, just something that develops when you work/joke with someone you get along with.

nappyaddict Mon 08-Sep-08 12:14:08

imo only safe if you are both single. this kind of flirting often starts out as harmless and then gets to the stage where it is potentially very dangerous.

MascaraOHara Mon 08-Sep-08 12:17:39

god if it's loud banter in front of everyone absolutely not harmful at all.. passes the time and gives everyone a good laugh..

OrmIrian Mon 08-Sep-08 12:19:37

Only harmful if you can envisage taking it further. Otherwise not.

ranting Mon 08-Sep-08 12:34:50

Well it depends on the people indulging in the flirtation, surely.

I had a mild flirtation with a man on a work course a couple of months ago and I will admit I was quite attracted to him and I'm pretty sure it was reciprocated. For that reason I wouldn't go seeking a friendship with the man in question, just because I don't think it would work as a friendship, would have enormous potential to get complicated and I'm happily married to a marvellous chap.

I have flirted at work with men who I am not attracted to though(ohh, am now outing myself as a big ol' slut nowwink) and I just think of that as a pleasant diversion to get through the monotony of the day.

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