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littlemissworry Sat 06-Sep-08 15:20:26

Well, six weeks down the line after I came to my parents and h still refuses to budge from our home. Despite my pleas for him to see that I came away because I'm unhappy (he admits he has hurt me) and would he move out so dc can go home he won't go. Now they are back at school (in different schools too) my youngest has 20 mins to travel compared with 5 mins when living at home, and isn't yet allowed over lunchtime (due to attachment disorder issues) so I have to go and pick him up for the lunchhour and we have to have a picnic in the car. So sometimes I have 2 hours driving each day - just for him. And then there is ds1 to get to and from school. Thank goodness my parents can help with journeys. h accepts I need some time apart (great) but doesn't seem to care that three of us are going to have to rent a small terrace, taking a fair chunk of the furniture from him as it belongs to me, while he rattles around in a four bedroom detached house working in the office extension that my dad paid for to be added on! Now, maybe I'm unreasonable, but he doesn't seem to be moved at all by the fact that his dc are being uprooted - of course it's all my fault because I came away hmm BUT it was because he'd made me unhappy. The rift is growing ever wider; he says he loves us all but he doesn't seem to be showing it.

littlemissworry Sat 06-Sep-08 15:40:33

Oops sorry, here it is with a title
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littlemissworry Sat 06-Sep-08 15:42:06

I'll get it right this time!
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