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indecision re sec school or do I even have a choice?!

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staypresent Sun 24-Aug-08 11:57:53

Some background... been separated from verbally/emotionally abusive husband for two years this month ( i finally with difficulty got him to leave). Have 2 dc, ds1, 11yrs and ds2 6yrs who live with me.

Ds1 didn't get into first choice secondary, he is on the waiting list, no3 as of 10th August. He has been offered a place at local school which has been sliding down for past few years.

My dm (mum) was also upset and suggested that i try him for independent school which i did back in June. He was accepted
and we bought the all uniform at beginning of school summer holidays. I feel this would be just the boost ds1 needs, it would offset
alot of the stress from the bad marriage and subsequent break-up. Ex-dh will not pay fees even though he can afford to. He is better off since he left here as i now pay all the bills and he gives me a tiny amount of maintenance. He said originally that he would pay, but i should have known better that he'd let us down...

Anyway, in the past week mum has said she thinks ds1 should go to local secondary as she is worried (v. understandably) about credit crunch. Her plan was that she would pay first years fees of £10k and sell her house to fund the future years. Dm wanted to downsize anyway - she has a large house and both brothers have left home
and married over last couple of years.

So what should i do for my ds? I have the first years fees but
that's all. He is due to start at independent on Sept 4th.

Local school starts on 1st September. And first choice (waiting list school) starts on 3rd Sept.
Any ideas/questions please?

combustiblelemon Sun 24-Aug-08 12:15:05

Maybe check out how much your ex should be paying? If you could get him to pay e.g. what the CSA would say is the correct level could you afford the fees?

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