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What's the difference?

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cantputupwiththis Wed 16-Feb-05 09:29:01

Apart from the obvious, of course, between a separation and a divorce? In terms of children, money etc?

WideWebWitch Wed 16-Feb-05 13:30:44

When you divorce you make pretty much permanent arrangements about the children, housing, finances etc. And you're both free to remarry. Also relevant re next of kin and emergencies, wills etc I'd have thought.

cantputupwiththis Wed 16-Feb-05 13:36:05

But do you know if you still have the same 'you can have them one weekend in two' thing? Is access to p limited at all?

WideWebWitch Wed 16-Feb-05 13:39:50

What's p? Partner? The courts really, really prefer not to get involved with arrangements for children AS LONG AS the parents agree on contact and access amicably. My ex dh (and he is still dear ex h, we're friends) has ds every other weekend and at various times in school holidays (like now, it's half term)by arrangement. No court ordered this, we just agreed it. But I cannot make any future financial claim on him as we're divorced. He pays maintenance and we agreed a divorce settlement.

Somanykiddies Fri 18-Feb-05 14:17:17

First ever post, so hello everyone.

I'm going through particularly nasty divorce at the moment. Soon 2 b x has had everyother weekend and more for the last 8 months but is now taking me to court for access at certain times of the year. He has written down every holiday time he wants with the children (including my birthday!!), he basically wants the court to grant him alternate birthdays, christmases that sort of thing.

Sorry to say this but even if you are separating and are amicable now you really should speak to a solicitor because you will never believe how quickly things can turn nasty.

Somanykiddies Fri 18-Feb-05 14:23:15

Meant to add that you will both be deemed as 'responsible parents' which means that you will have joint responsibility for the children when it comes to health, education etc. It also means you will have to discuss with him if you intend to move or change the children's schools. You will be the parent with care as the children live with you but all major decisions will have to be discussed with him.

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