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Have I done the right thing and where do I take it from here?

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cupcake78 Wed 13-Aug-08 19:22:53

Got really upset with a close male friend of mine last night. Its a long story but basically he was very drunk, said some not very nice things to me, which really did hurt me as what he thinks is really important to me. His behaviour was not great either and I generally got a bit pissed off with him. I made it clear there and then that I wasn't happy.

However in a rage I sent him a text telling him he made me feel cheap and used and thatI always thought he would never do that to me.

I later sent him one saying I couldn't talk or see him for a while as I needed some space. Facebook was deleted (in full angry morning rage). This person really knows how to push my buttons.

I have had no come back from him and am beggining to wonder have I done th right thing or does it now justlook like i've gone and spit my dummy out.

What do I do now??

cupcake78 Wed 13-Aug-08 19:28:29

I am tempted tosend him an email stating exactly why I am pissed of with him. I have asked one of my other friends who says just leave it till he contacts me.

What if he doesn't contact me?

In thse situations it always tends to be best to leave it for a while at least. I'm not quite sure from your post exactly what he's done but he'll hopefully get back to you to apologise in time. I don't think haranguing him with texts/emails/calls will do much for the situation.

Thefearlessfreak Wed 13-Aug-08 19:36:12

After your initial reaction I would leave it for a while and give him some time to work it out for himself.

cupcake78 Wed 13-Aug-08 19:37:43

As for what he did believe me it just about covers all areas from unflattering comments
ie. babies knacker a womans body, nice. There was worse than this but i'm not going to get into it.
To coming onto my one of my friends (the man i married)! Gropping my arse. Believe me it was not a good night.

I am annoyed with him and he has really hurt my feelings.

It is so hard just to leave it but don't want to come out looking like a angry hag!

cupcake78 Wed 13-Aug-08 19:38:26

That should say the man IS married opps

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