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anyone know a good divorce solicitor in Kent?

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bb99 Sun 10-Aug-08 13:38:40

As dh has just stormed out of the house with bags (and the fecking car seat), and phoned my parents to say he 'can't cope with me or the marriage anymore...'

And all because the lady wanted him to stop letting the kids mash food into all the carpets and flooring and furniture downstairs as it makes one heck of a mess, when he is allegedly supervising them and keeping an eye on them...yet somehow the 15 mo managed to get the pizza off the table and all over the house without any kind of supervision...

Oh and smashed a chair and threw the bin all over the kitchen whilst shouting verbal in my face on the way out, then had hysterics outside the house as he phoned my mum to tell her how delightful I was and it was all my fault...

Ho hum, nothing we haven't heard before, anyone know any good solicitors with huge balls who can help keep me safe from dh's clan?

Janni Sun 10-Aug-08 18:43:56

OK, deep breath.

Is this a humdinger of a marital row or are you really at the end of the road? How long have things been this fraught? Is there REALLY nothing that can be done to help you communicate better or to help him understand what supervising small children entails?

bb99 Tue 12-Aug-08 12:38:12

Hi Janni - so much for me being on the 'being nice to your OH' thread (LOL)

DH came back (joy - hmm) and has finally agreed to go to marriage guidance counseling (for months he's been saying he won't go as that's for people with failed marriages...) I just can't keep doing the , oh we've disagreed about something and my husband is telling me he's leaving AGAIN, I'm starting to think - don't bother coming back, I've been on my own before and sometimes it's a hack of a lot easier! shock

Another humdinger, things have been this fraught for a few years now, and understandably so.

Lovely marriage, then fantastic pg until mc at 18 weeks and we lost a son, then another mc, then dh has changed jobs 3 times for promotion over past 3 years and has lived away from home for 2 of them...then new baby (thank goodness) and all the stresses and strains the baby bomb brings with it. Eldest child sat 11+ and changed schools during this time and DH's relationship has really started to change with his family as his sister has been her usual selfish bag of evil competitiveness and world revolving bodymass and he has started to realise just how much she takes him for granted and how much she manipulates the rest of the family to her own ends and his loss...

And then there was the PND...blush

We both agree there are just a lot of issues on the table at the moment and I think we need to find a bit more common ground so stupid disagreements don't turn into bloody great divorce cases...

My ma did say that the secret to a successful marriage was compromise (largely on the womans part) and the ability to keep your mouth shut until you can maneuver the male ego into a position of your advantage, problems usually only occur when the words stack up behind your teeth to the extent that they all start spilling out, no matter how hard you clamp your hand over your mouth shock

We'll see what happens after the (quite expensive) relate session. Hardest thing is that I'm getting to the point where I can't be bothered with it anymore - first thought yesterday when he left (other than ouch, my leg hurts where the flying splinter of chair hit it grin) was, thank goodness I will NEVER have to go on holiday with the in-laws again!

Back to the drawing board...

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