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sex & periods...

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flamingo Sun 13-Feb-05 18:03:04

A 'situation' today made me think: do you abstain or participate when you have a/f?

If not, is it you or your DP/DH who is squeamish?

vict17 Sun 13-Feb-05 18:09:35

I don't think dh would be very keen (although I'm sure we have in the past) but I just don't feel like it. I'd be worried about the mess (sad I know!) and always feel a bit yuk on my period - ie fat and spotty!

lockets Sun 13-Feb-05 18:11:36

Message withdrawn

jac34 Sun 13-Feb-05 18:26:37

I don't mind but DH is a bit squeamish about it. We used to have a "special sheet"(dark in colour), which we would throw over our cream cotton sheets, but these days we tend to think of other ways of enjoying each other, without actually having penetration.

WigWamBam Sun 13-Feb-05 18:29:16

Neither of us are squeamish about it, most months we have sex during my period. If it's in the first couple of days and I think it might be a bit messy, we put a towel down first, but normally it's not necessary.

charleepeters Sun 13-Feb-05 18:29:53

we do at end of period when lighter probably would when it wwasnt so light aswell if i didnt get p.m.t!

Lonelymum Sun 13-Feb-05 18:42:49

Oh no that is a big no-no for me. I don't know how dh feels about it - not too keen I think because he doesn't raise any objections when I say I am on.

munnzieb Sun 13-Feb-05 18:46:27

I don't really like it, DH doesn't care, so we comprimise and do it the last day of so of AF (well at least when i'm not bleeding at nights)

jollymum Sun 13-Feb-05 19:02:58


Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 19:04:25

Message withdrawn

paolosgirl Sun 13-Feb-05 19:19:57

No no no no!!! Dh would (and we have in the past, on the odd occasion that I locate my libido at that time of the month!) but normally I couldn't feel less like it, wearing what feels like a nappy and with raging pmt.

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