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Advice for getting over a relationship quickly - needed

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mamachat Fri 08-Aug-08 23:43:51

I have split up with dp as he was being violent towards me infrount of dd, I have very little brusies but he was still being aggressive etc so I am now taking him to court. Also he took dd from my home at 2am as I was out for the night and he was looking after her...

So now I need advice for getting over him very quickly. And getting my life into a good place so me and dd can be happy.

We will probably have to go to court to arrange for ex p to see dd as at the mo I feel he cannot be trusted alone with her because of how he acted recently (usually he is great with her, and generally a good person).

Also my sister is saying do I really think it is fair not o let him be alone with dd as he is usually really good with her. And do really think he would harm hers she doesn't.

Well I would have never thought he would have taken her from my home at 2am ust to get at me, so I do not know what he is capabe of...

Any advice welcome..

Slickbird Fri 08-Aug-08 23:53:23

Don't really know what advice to give but I did want to say, well done to you for breaking up with him - that's not how a relationship should be, esp when you have a child, and if he is capable of taking a child out of its bed at 2am then he is very selfish indeed and using the child as a weapon. I think there are many places to help or give you advice, but I would start with your local Citizens Advice Bureau and even your doctors, just to get steered in the right direction. Your GP will also be able to make an official note of it, should you ever need it if you do go to court.

All the best, (((((big hugs)))))

mamachat Sat 09-Aug-08 00:01:25

Thanks slickbird - I have been to the doctors so they can pass details on to the police for court...

so now just trying to muddle through and keep my dd happy and I know if I am happy she will be too so trying my best.. smile

mamachat Sat 09-Aug-08 08:22:58


warthog Sat 09-Aug-08 11:34:50

keep busy, think about your new life with you and dd and start to do things to move towards that. DO things rather than just think about doing them.

mamachat Sat 09-Aug-08 15:52:15

I have been trying to keep busy, dd is such hard work as always and the extra stress is not helping atall...

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