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He is violent and controlling so I called the police

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mamachat Wed 06-Aug-08 20:09:39

A few weeks ago dp went out and stayed out untill 4.30am. He said it was because of issues he had with MY family and because I think he is a shit dad and his mum was having a go at him. (I did not say he is a shit dad but I do moan at him alot as I am stressed out as I always have to look after dd).

I told him to leave my flat. (we are always very on and off so he has his own flat, but had been staying with me for months as things were ok with us).

So he left but we have been talking alot and he was seeing dd.

Then I asked him to come and stay for a few days to help wean dd off the breast and give me a break as I had been looking after her alot on my own.

So he came to stay and I told him I was going out last night for drinks. He said fine he would look after dd. Then because it came to 1.30am and I was still out he called and text me saying he is taking dd to his house.

I thought he was just being silly and would never be so cruel to dd to take her out in the middle of the night. But he did, so when I called him I could tell he was in a cab so I met him at his house at 2.20am. He said I could not take dd home so I said I was calling the police.

Then he took my phone and said if I called the police solcial services would get involved and take dd.

So he made me go to his flat as I was not leaving dd alone with him. Then he was being violent infrount of her at that time in the morning and she was histerical.

Finally he decided we could go home but he came with us. Then kept us awake for hours talking at me and hitting me when he fancied it.

I tried to keep the noise down as was still trying to get dd to sleep. When she was finally asleep I put her in bed and left the room to go toilet then he started talking at me again. He kept me up till 7am. Just because I stayed out later then a time he found acceptable.

This morning I woke him up at 9am with loud music and he started waving a knife around infrount of dd. So I text my mum and asked her to come and get me.

I went to the police and he is still in a cell now. I will press charges but I do still love him and really need to stop myself from going back with him.

I cannot believe he did all this infrount of dd.

Also when he was arrested the police gave me my home phone bill which he had opened and had in his pocket. He was looking at it thinking I have been speaking to men or something. I stay with dd day and night, and am home every night. That was my first proper night out without him so when would I have time to be with other men.

Walnutshell Wed 06-Aug-08 20:14:58

oh dear.
why do you love him?

BlaDeBla Wed 06-Aug-08 20:20:43

Contact Womens Aid. They have lots and lots of support and advice. Don't destroy your dd's life as well. There is NEVER an excuse for violence.

mamachat Wed 06-Aug-08 20:21:39

well i'm not sure if i reall do love him or if i just dont want to have to be alone or with a different man as i have dd...

And on a normal day he is not like this...

constancereader Wed 06-Aug-08 20:24:08

You did the right thing by calling the police.

He might be ok sometimes, but your when your daughter is older she will suffer through and remember the times when he is being a shit.

Stay strong.

mamachat Wed 06-Aug-08 20:32:14

i know my dd will suffer if she has to see this, I grew up with my dad really punching my mum and giving her loads of brusies and it is very damaging.

That is why I cannot let my dd see this,,.,

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