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Am I being a bit paranoid or is someone aftr m?

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MrsSnape Wed 06-Aug-08 01:02:42

please xcuse tying, i'm post-sleping tablet so can hardly focus on what im going.

Im just a bit concerned. 4 weeks ago I heard that xp has split with his (already considered nut-job) girlfriend. A week later I got a phone call saying I'd tried to sign up for life insurance??? I said "No..." so anyway....a week later it happened again, someone had tried to apply for life insurance for me hmm so I told them no but I was starting to womder if it was a genuine mistake (twice?) or is it some kind of threat?? She's always disliked me and hated me being anywhere near him so I was wondering if she thinks I have something to do with him leaving....

And then my tax credits phone me asking me to confirm my "new address". I said I hav't moved for 7 years...turns out someone had tried to claim in my name saying I'm disabled with no kids. Could this be connected to the life insurance....why???

And then my ex-p phoned and asked if I'd been phoning his mobile and letting it go dead...I said "no" so he said "someone" has been contunuosly phoning him and puting the receiver down when he I was starting to believe the whole thing was connected.

Anyway I've just been discussing it all with an ex of mine who I know is still bitter about how things worked out between us and he started acting all wierd saying it would be pointless going to the police as I'd need hard evidence that someone was trying to threaten me....then he started going on about how even the sanest people can turn a bit mad when things go wrong in their life...he was saying it as if it was him. Is he just trying to freak me out or what?

Why would anyone be after me, I havn#t done anything to anyone.... sad

TheTortoise Wed 06-Aug-08 01:07:51

Post sleeping pill Is not best time t consider this honest. Too hard to think.

But for morning, gosh well, it could be someone being shitty and trying to freak you out. I can see that, But also could be coincidence/cold calling stuff. This sort of thing needs the cold light of day discussion.

Don't worry tonight, there is nothing there that sounds imminant.


TheTortoise Wed 06-Aug-08 01:08:16

Sorry tis Slur, just arsing around with names.

Alambil Wed 06-Aug-08 01:37:42

Personal ID fraud? At all possible?

ToughDaddy Wed 06-Aug-08 01:51:07

you should buy a copy of your credit report from Experian to check.

Also your bank (Lloyds and natwest for example) probably offers protection from ID theft.

Alexa808 Wed 06-Aug-08 03:50:19

Thought ID fraud, too. If I were you, I'd make sure all your passwords to internet, email, policies, bank, etc. are doubly secure (min. 8 letters, big cap and small cap writing, numbers and a symbol).

I'd ring the bank and put extra protection on my cards and would call BT to have the phone calls traced. There is a service you can use.

Other than that, no matter how freaked out you are I'd stop drugging myself with sleeping pills, ok. It's not helpful to be slightly spaced out. You should have a clear head. I'd never knock myself out if I was worried someone was after me!!

quinne Wed 06-Aug-08 07:46:47

I had an attempt at identity theft made on me. What you describe is almost exactly how they do it, except the ex's phone call. They probably sat at a PC and made one online enquiry at one of the websites which sends off enquiries to lots of companies. If they can convince soemone official - tax credits for instance - that you have a new address then it makes it easier to get new credit cards delivered to that address.

re you ex: It sounds like he's just going back over his life and feeling a little bitter and also looking for an opportunity to talk to you.

derelicte Wed 06-Aug-08 08:06:27

Yes - try doing what ToughDaddy says. You can actually sign up for a 30 day free trial to see the report (I've just done takes a few days to authorise). Just remember to cancel it!

Definitely do all the other extra security measures as well.

TBH if you're feeling edgy about it, I would log it with the police, and tell your XP that you've done so (just to put the wind up him on the off chance that it's anything to do with him).

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