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Changing the lock

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DivaSkyChick Wed 06-Aug-08 00:04:58

Does anyone know under what circumstance it is actually legal to change the locks when living with someone?

We often advise each other to do it so I'm wondering. Has anyone done this and regretted it? Anyone done it successfully?

lolpop Wed 06-Aug-08 08:32:47

A friends husband was arrested recently because of an incident where he threatened her (and destroyed some of her belongings).

She was told by the police/social workers that she could not change the locks, and short of getting a restraining order he would be allowed to come into the house whenever he wanted. His name is on the mortgage and that gives him a right to enter the property.

I'm sure there will be someone who knows more about this - this is just what my friend was advised by the police.

DivaSkyChick Thu 07-Aug-08 02:55:49

Jeez that's scary. How desperate she must feel.

MuthaHubbard Thu 07-Aug-08 17:30:43

If the mortgage/tenancy is in the other persons name/joint names, then it is against the law to change the locks and they other person are within their legal rights to gain entry at any time.

If their name is not on the mortgate/tenancy, then it's fine.

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