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ok it's my fault - ways to make up?

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tostaky Mon 04-Aug-08 18:21:36

i had a big argument with DP on sat eve and blame my hormones but i blew it out of proportion and i'm very ashamed of myself now...
i've apologised and been extra nice to him and he has accepted my apologies and told me he was ok.. but i can see he is not... he doesnt make jokes or doesnt tease me or play with me anymore..
i'm cooking him his fav meal for tonight but what else can i do to make it better?

bubblagirl Mon 04-Aug-08 20:23:07

just cook the nice meal and explain gently that you have been feeling down and shouldnt have taken it out on him complimane him and say if you feel i was truthful i was not in what i was saying and just tell him what he really means to you

your probably acting rreally cautious round him to and maybe feel unapproachable so break the ice with big kiss and cuddle and just act at ease with each other stop feeling guilty we all fight and say horrible things at times and it does hurt but dont act strange after it takes ages for the ice to break otherwise and leaves you both feeling weird

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