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How much does your dp/dh do to help during the week?

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laura325630 Sun 03-Aug-08 22:41:08

Hi, I was just wondering what everyones dp/dh's do to help out with your dc when they are at work. My dd goes to bed at around midnight, wakes at around 2am, 6am and then awake at around 9.30am. He doesnt do any of these feeds unless I beg. We agreed that he would do Friday and Saturday nights so that I could sleep but this weekend he couldnt cope and I ended up helping now this agreement has gone out the window as he thinks its unfair as he wakes during the week when she cries. All I want is 2 nights full sleep a week - Is it too much to ask? He works in a bank but is only training at the mo so isnt doing much except reading and is finishing at around 3pm each day!

Would love to know how everyone else copes x

beeny Sun 03-Aug-08 22:43:28

he shld do weekends

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