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AHHH!!! ..Bloody men!...

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Laylasmum Thu 10-Feb-05 22:39:13

MY DH can be such a pain in the arse. He's out with his work mates tonight has missed the last bus home so has just rung me pissed up to say he will sleep in the office tonight!!! So i'll have to get up as always with DD get her ready for playschool then him and me are driving to wales for a romantic valentines weekend!!!He's not packed or anything yet!! Wouldn't mind so much but last time he went out he fell asleep on the bus and ended up in the city centre(miles from us) and had to stay at his mums!!Sorry had to vent!!!

Roobie Thu 10-Feb-05 22:40:51

At least you get the whole bed to yourself tonight rather than sharing it with a drooling beer monster!!

HunkerMunker Thu 10-Feb-05 22:41:02

Men! Start planning a girlie night out

phoebeki Thu 10-Feb-05 23:01:09

Spot on Roobie!!
A few weeks ago my drunken DH fell asleep on the last train home and didn't wake up until Norwich, a good 80 miles up the track from where he ought to have been. He then phoned me up to try to persuade me to drive (with 3 children under 9) to collect him at 1.45am. Obviously, after thinking about this very attractive proposition for ooh, half a second, I declined, unplugged the phone, and went back to sleep. I have no idea where he slept but I expect it sobered him up a bit.

maltesers Fri 11-Feb-05 11:20:08

my fp got drunk at the pub before xmas . i was there but was not in the mood for lol as had been asked to be the driver. so stone cold sober i told dp that i was going home at 10.30. he got beligerant and when he rang at 12 to say he was staying over at the pub we had a fall out. being a sucker i did pick him up in the morning. his tale was between his legs as usual !

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