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does your dh wash as much as you do or less?

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maltesers Thu 10-Feb-05 17:56:47

does your dp/dh wash, shower, or bath every day like you or not. Wish he would, it really annoys me. I like the bed to smell clean.

posyhairdresser Thu 10-Feb-05 17:57:19


sazzlealsop Thu 10-Feb-05 18:00:12

dp washes same, if not more. he works in a job that gets him really dirty tho. but still our bed doesnt always smell clean. annoyed cos our new place has no shower

trefusis Thu 10-Feb-05 18:02:58

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Thu 10-Feb-05 18:05:08

Message withdrawn

Roobie Thu 10-Feb-05 18:06:26

Mornings showers are part of both our routines although I sometimes have an evening bath too (for relaxation rather than getting clean purposes)

maltesers Thu 10-Feb-05 18:07:01

you have the same situation that i have . he will go 2-3 days. I think that at least his bits should get a clean and his arm pits and face. I like a man to smell gorgeous. Have asked him nicely to wash more but doesnt make a vast amount of difference. he is aware more that i dont like his grotty habit and kind of showers a bit more but he gets pretty annoyed if i go on too much.

doggiewalker Thu 10-Feb-05 18:07:05

My DH loves to have a bath every night, but he has it so hot it makes him sweat! What is the point of that? I usually have a bath or a shower at least once a day. Would love a power shower though, ours is just a normal one. Can't always be bothered with the hassle of running a bath though, and don't like too many bubbles cos they annoy me.

maltesers Thu 10-Feb-05 18:09:28

my friend finally left her dh cos he was a dirty g...He asked her to have oral sex to which she says "no". dont blame her. !

happymerryberries Thu 10-Feb-05 18:11:36

Dh showers every day. I shower every day and sometimes have a bath at night as well. Dh is very clean

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 10-Feb-05 18:11:59

My DH washes more too. He showers in the morning before work and he has a bubbly bath at night. I shower every morning and probably have a bath in the evening 3 or 4 times a week.

marthamoo Thu 10-Feb-05 18:12:34

Less. Ugh.

redsky Thu 10-Feb-05 18:41:57

Dh doesn't shower every day like I do but it is really weird that he never has any BO. I love the smell of 'men', (not sweaty) and to me the smell of a man is part of the whole erotic experience but my dh just doesn't seem to have any kind of odour about him. If he is away I like to cuddle his pjs but even they don't smell of anything. That's weird isn't it???

nutcracker Thu 10-Feb-05 18:48:00

Dp has a bath every night without fail and has a wash in the morning too. As do i.

snafu Thu 10-Feb-05 18:49:44

Xh used to not wash or brush teeth - and come to bed in the clothes he had been wearing all day... He was a heavy smoker, too. Lovely.

bea Thu 10-Feb-05 19:12:52

hee hee... my dh is quite a dirty bertie, 2-3 days - me everyday!!!

motherinferior Thu 10-Feb-05 19:13:52

My dp has many faults but lack of cleanliness is not among them.

nikkim Thu 10-Feb-05 19:15:54

my partner is the same redsky, infact I hardly ever see him wash, although he does get up an hour before me - and yet he never smells!

nikkim Thu 10-Feb-05 19:16:18

lol he has just got in the shower!

jessicasmummy Thu 10-Feb-05 19:16:52

LESS - bloody disgusting!

MamaMaiasaura Thu 10-Feb-05 19:22:01

dp does shower everyday.. but before he goes to work.. wish he would have a shower before bed too.. i might be more inclined to venture south then sorry but its true!

Also, i am teaching ds how important nice clean teeth and fresh breath are.. why, when they grow up do they not think what it is like to kiss beer and curry breath?..

nikkim Thu 10-Feb-05 19:29:34

I agree awen there is nothing worse than smelly bits, unless he has paid me a visit down there and then goes to kiss me in the morning before brushing his teeth.

Branster Thu 10-Feb-05 23:08:00

Why do you assume that we wash/shower/bath once a day??
yes, he does wash daily. thank god.
i actually like the way he smells when he's sweaty (just after he's been doing some DIY or some strenuous stuff)and he just smells of him. but i wouldn't like it if he went to bed all smelly and he'd deffinetly have no chance of a bj if he didn't wash.

kama Sat 12-Feb-05 12:41:38

Message withdrawn

hercules Sat 12-Feb-05 12:43:40

Both shower everyday.

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