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advice needed ASAP mite be a bit long & confusing

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mel1981 Fri 25-Jul-08 14:01:56

I can feel im gonna be in a bit of a pickle by 2nite.
Im off out with DH and a few mates to the dogs 2nite. Just found out another mate is going with her DH and a few mates 2.

The trouble is me & my mates DH were breifly together ALONG time ago. I never told my DH about this as I didnt see any point cause I wasnt great friends with her at the time but now she is quite a good mate.
Me and her DH havent spoken to each other the few times weve seen eachother ive got no problem with him but neither of us just didnt make the effort to speak. I have no idea if he has told her bout our past so I havent mentioned it as I dont want to risk causing any arguements on their behalf.

Not a problem some of you mite b thinking? Well the problem is my mates (who are coming with me 2nite) are from the group we all used to hang round with all those years ago so they know our situation. If they see him they will prob talk to him and mite mention it. Now im panicing cause if anything is mention my DH &/or mate will get P*ed for not mentioning it before but it was simply cause I felt there was no need to.
Do you think im panicing/worring bout nothing? any advice pls?
And to make matters worse I know my mates DH is friends with an EX that me & my DH hates cause he treated me bad and im hoping he wont b there too!!! Cause that would just make my nite so much better! LOL
sorry rant over( for the mo)

HappyWoman Fri 25-Jul-08 15:15:31

If it really was a long time ago then try and just laugh it off it is brought up, surely your dh knows you had other bfs - and as long as you dont make it sound as if there were loads that you cant remember then is shouldnt be a problem.

Try not to think about it and go and enjoy yourself - if things are said deal with them then and dont spoil the time looking forward to an evening just in case something is said.

bogie Fri 25-Jul-08 15:20:09

Should be fine my ex plays for the same football team as dp and I have to sit with them every week in the clubhouse, dp knows about it I told him as soon as I went to his football match and saw ex but they are both fine about it they never bring it up.
I had only split with ex 3 weeks before getting with dp so was abit of a shock when I saw him there.

mel1981 Fri 25-Jul-08 16:50:49

yeah my DH knows ive had other bf's hes generally not a jealous person but when it comes to EX's he can be. I just dont want my mate to get annoyed too if she doesnt already know. I just honesty didnt feel the need to say anything and I put myself in her shoes and thought wouldnt like to be told by a mate (or at the time someone id see everyday) 'ive slept with your DH'. blush
bogie- I can imagine it was a shock to see him there.
Thanks, im panicing 4 no reason (i hope) like you both say ill go and just see wot if anything happens and have fun in the mean time.

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