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Valentines day

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anonymouschap Mon 07-Feb-05 17:12:43

So, do i buy the good lady wife anything?

Last year i did, she "found" it before I'd wrapped it and accused me of having an affair, and to be honest the way things are at the moment I am very close to moving out, but of course if I don't buy her anything I'm arguably sending some sort of message, and stupidly, I still love her, it's just that we can't live together much longer without one of us killing ourselves, or the other, if you see what I mean.

KBear Mon 07-Feb-05 17:15:46

Instead of buying her a gift why don't you spend some time together? Go for a walk in the woods and end up at a pub for lunch, go out for dinner, go for a drive in the country or to the coast and get fish and chips. These would mean more to me than sexy undies (yuck), chocs or flowers and will work wonders for a flagging relationship I would think.

amynnixmum Mon 07-Feb-05 17:17:03

Do you want to buy her something? I think if you usually do and then don't this year it might be difficult- especially if she gets you something. Why don't you ask her what she wants to do. DH and I are skint this year so we are not buying pressies just cards.

amynnixmum Mon 07-Feb-05 17:18:11

Agree with KBear 100%. Spending special time together is always best.

anonymouschap Mon 07-Feb-05 17:21:14

There is NOTHING she would like less than spending time with me. That's sort of the problem.

lou33 Mon 07-Feb-05 17:22:49

send her on a break away?

onlineid Mon 07-Feb-05 17:23:04

Message withdrawn

KBear Mon 07-Feb-05 17:24:44

Then there's not much point in being married is there? You going to give up or are you going to fight for it and sort it out. What do I know about your problems (or why she hates you ) but there is certainly no point buying a valentine for someone who doen't want to be married to you!

pinkroses Mon 07-Feb-05 20:14:08

If things are really terrible between you then there is no point wasting time with Valentines Day......unless you think you can fix anything.

Ask you want to still be with her?? If you answer yes, then do as much as you can to make things work. If you decide it's not worth it anymore, then there is no point being together anymore and you should go your seperate ways as being together will drive you both demented.

ps.....I wish my dh would be romantic on Valentines Day, but all I get is it's a commercial holiday and he won't waste any money
I would LIke him to take me to a romantic restaurant and buy me a bunch of roses.....only in my dreams!!!!

morningpaper Mon 07-Feb-05 20:16:34

You could write her a letter explaining your feelings?

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