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I have just prostituted myself ....... and am only mildly ashamed (-:

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mosschops30 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:23:46

dh is out on the lash with the boys.

I txt him and asked for his card number to buy myself some books for my new job on amazon.
dh 'fine heres the number but dont go mad'
me 'its £50'
dh 'no way'
me 'what about 2 of them'
dh 'ok if youre waiting on the stairs when I come in'
me 'no way im going to bed'
dh 'ok then morning sex'
me 'no i have a spin classs, but i will get the two chepaest and u can have it tomorrow night'
dh 'done'

grin should I be blush or is this normal

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 19-Jul-08 22:24:49

I think it's funny!

expatinscotland Sat 19-Jul-08 22:24:53

did the total cost come to a greater amount than a Big Mac meal from MacDonalds?

bellavita Sat 19-Jul-08 22:25:49


mosschops30 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:26:39

oh yes expat it was £32 (which in the world of prostitution is probably not even enough for lesser things IYKWIM)

did you give it up for a big mac lol grin

LongLiveGreenElizabeth Sat 19-Jul-08 22:26:57

Yes two important txt books that will further your career is at least an investment into yourself!!! Another mumsnetter 'prostituted' herself for a hamburger!

mosschops30 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:27:11

I shouldve held out for the 3 of them shouldnt I grin

ninah Sat 19-Jul-08 22:27:25

you haven't delivered yet

onepieceoflollipop Sat 19-Jul-08 22:28:01

I don't think expat gave it up for a big mac, shock there was a recent thread where someone did (iirc) a "deal" with her dp and it involved a takeaway McDs I think.

watsthestory Sat 19-Jul-08 22:28:12

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sat 19-Jul-08 22:28:22

£32?? You're a cheap tart wink

mosschops30 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:28:25

lol I could make pirate noises for the extra £20 for the other book grin

expatinscotland Sat 19-Jul-08 22:28:51

Oh, sorry, I was referring to that thread a while back about the Big Mac in exchange for a BJ. blush.

I thought I had seen you on it.

morningpaper Sat 19-Jul-08 22:29:07

that's nothing, one Mumsnetter recently admitted to doing it for a bacon sandwich

sex for bacon is a very bad low

bellavita Sat 19-Jul-08 22:29:18

Do people really do deals?

watsthestory Sat 19-Jul-08 22:29:35

Message withdrawn

mosschops30 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:30:02

Im sorry but yes I gave it up for 'The Oxford Handbook of Critical Care' and 'Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies'

I know I should have held out for 'Intensive Care Nursing' damm Im just waaay too easy

Flossish Sat 19-Jul-08 22:30:37

yup. BJ's are the best currency in my house. Although most of the time I just can't be arsed and also I've failed to deliver on a few promises...

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sat 19-Jul-08 22:30:51

I've only ever done a deal for a new car and a laptop. grin

onepieceoflollipop Sat 19-Jul-08 22:31:00

slight hijack, please all stop discussing McDs/takeaways. This happens too often. We all start drooling and saying things like "ooh hang on, need to txt dh and get him to come home via the chippy!" grin

I'd quite like a cheeseburger and fries now.

bellavita Sat 19-Jul-08 22:31:13

I would have just ordered the books.

watsthestory Sat 19-Jul-08 22:31:15

Message withdrawn

LongLiveGreenElizabeth Sat 19-Jul-08 22:31:41

Wow. SKSS. Villa in Portugal would be nice too?!?

mosschops30 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:31:45

stripedknickers you are either far more classy than me or just much better in the sack wink

watsthestory Sat 19-Jul-08 22:31:47

Message withdrawn

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