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ok better idea

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prettyfly1 Wed 09-Jul-08 19:10:53

please come and share all the lovely nice happy things your partners do. remind us all that there are great blokes out there and that there is hope for us all yet. its miserable outside and there seem to be some really tough issues for some of the posters at the moment so maybe a nice positive thread to cheer things up a bit and make us all smile?

prettyfly1 Wed 09-Jul-08 19:35:40

noone want to help a single girl out with a nice romantic story of domestic bliss? anyone????

wanttomakeitbetter Wed 09-Jul-08 19:36:46

o.k. here's mine - even though from my other posts you'll see we've been having a hard time, but he's making an effort ...

came home from work tea on the table
he's poured me a glass of wine
has taken the DC's out for an hour whilst I do college work in peace (ok I'm on mumsnet but it's a break)
has organised a babysitter for us to go out on Saturday all without my knowledge
has told me tonight I am beautiful

am a bit hmm in view of where we are but am trying to ignore myself being hmm

swalesie Wed 09-Jul-08 19:38:30

I got a lovely bunch of flowers delivered to the door this morn off Dp, just to say that he loves me and caint wait to get home next week! (he works away on the rigs) Bless, love him! grin

prettyfly1 Wed 09-Jul-08 19:40:33

ahhhhh - mcuh more like it. wantto - at least he is making an effort and trying - cant ask for more then that and long may it reign (and there is nothing wrong with taking a break for mumsnet - i am currently knee deep in accounting - bleeurghgh!)

swalesie - thats so cute - brother?

Litterbug Wed 09-Jul-08 19:42:44

My DH is off working helping me with the kids as I have SPD, he leaves me in bed at LEAST 3 times a week,

he gets up on a Wednesday and takes them both to playgroup, takes them to carboots on a Saturday all whilst Im tucked up in bed

He goes to the shop whenever I ask because I need chocolate,

he really has been a star lately

wanttomakeitbetter Wed 09-Jul-08 19:49:29

here's a couple more from the past ...

when hugely PG with DC1 at Christmas and I couldn't find a thing to wear he went out and brought home, a dress, an angora shrug, matching necklace and earrings that were perfect

he runs me a hot bubble bath and chases the DC's away so I can have a bath in peace

when he used to go out he'd leave me a bottle of wine, box of chocs and a DVD to occupy me (prior to DC's now taken over by DC's DVD's)

used to send me cards ...... just because


he tries to buy the right shampoo
he tells me cosmetics/nice smelly things are practical things to buy not for gifts grin
he looks after our children he doesn't "babysit"
cooked breakfasts at the weekend are regular

as you can tell I'm looking on the positive side ....see spongebob references on other posts smile

prettyfly1 Wed 09-Jul-08 19:58:51

nothing wrong with some positive comments - why would you be there if there was nothing good! liking this thread. far better then accounts!!

wanttomakeitbetter Wed 09-Jul-08 20:04:48

the angora shrug was from top shop !!!

seeing as I was almost 30 then I was chuffed he saw me as someone who could shop there

although the fact he kept buying me size 10 underwear when to quote the divine comedy "when your arse is the size of a small county" I think he's just delusional grin

btw still have the shrug and still wear it now at almost 40

Weeteeny Wed 09-Jul-08 22:30:00

Last night DS2 woke screaming not long after putting I him down for bed. DH took him with no hesitation so I could have a break.

Today sent me an email at work just to tell me he loves me.

Tonight, did the dishes and then played with both DS after dinner while I updated my CV.

Poured me a G&T without being asked.

Now put DS1 to bed.

Is now awaiting his cuddle upstairs in bed.

Not much I know, but we have had "difficulties" this year and it is a big improvement on before.

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