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graco junior plus / marital strife

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arabella2 Sun 30-Jan-05 12:10:30

Have a marital and a product issue here. Dh (not so d at the moment) went out with ds who is 3 but quite big and bought a booster seat. He knew how much I wanted to be involved in this but did it anyway. He bought the graco junior plus. I think it fits in the car quite well but they haven't done much about side impact protection. He spent £40 on it and to be honest I would have spent more to get something a little more thought out and padded. Does anybody have the graco junior plus and what do you think of it? How important is side impact protection and do I risk even more strife in my marriage by going out to get what I would be happy with and returning dh's seat. I have also posted this in the products section...

Gobbledigook Sun 30-Jan-05 12:23:20

I don't have this booster seat but personally, when I buy one, it will be one with a back and 'wings' that go at the side of the head. I saw something about this on Top Gear or something similar and it convinced me that this would be the best type to buy.

Safety is not worth compromising for anything.

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