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exs who would have them

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clare1980 Sat 29-Jan-05 23:22:48

my dp was married to someone wiv a child from a pervious relationship who he has brought up from the age of 3 and who he calls daughter and she calls him daddy she is now 7. his ex went off with another man and has recently given birth to a new child with her new man but she is still trying to control him and it is driving me crazy. as it is not his child he has no rights to her so if his ex is upset she tells him not to bother contacting the child and as it is she is unhappy that he is more than happy with me. i have a dd who is 4 and she has contact with her father. but because we stay at my dp house alot and are planning to move here in the next couple og months his ex is putting on the pressure and it is really getting on my nerves cos he cant get mad at her or she says no contact wiv child. i went out of my way to meet her and the child because my dp wanted me to and all she wanted to do was get dp to have child over valentines day so we couldnt go out and because he said he had plans he is being happy at childs expense which is crap cos he loves her to bits.we seem to be arguing over her stupid calls and txt one saying my dd had no manners so her daughter would not be spending anytime with her.his divorce is final in a few weeks and we are trying to concieve but all this stress is taking its toll i love him to bits but need to know that he will not put our lifes on hold so she can run them sorry this is long just wanted to get it off my chest

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