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I'm so happy! Thanks to all of you wonderful MNers!!!!

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lunavix Sat 29-Jan-05 18:17:20

Me and dp have had a lot of problems recently and have even been to relate but we're back on track now!!!!!

I think most of the problem was down to our arguing and also my depression (on ADs but dp doesn't know yet) but we've done a lot of talking, and sorted out a lot of things and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!

We've decided now to set a date for our wedding (been engaged just over a year) and dp says once we are married we can try for the no2 that I so desperately want

Life just couldn't be better atm so thank you all so so much that helped with advice and support over the last few weeks it has been so much appreciated and I'm so thankful to have it xxx

oooggs Sat 29-Jan-05 18:19:30

I feel sooooo pleased for you. At last some good news. Congrats

miam Sat 29-Jan-05 18:47:25

Congratulations lunavix - you sound so happy.

hercules Sat 29-Jan-05 19:02:31

Err, am I missing something? I havent been able to read your previous postings but having read peoples responses I really think you shouldnt be considering another child.
My own father was just like your dh and perhaps you should give yourself a long time to be sure everything is stable and safe before even thinking about bringing another child in to it.

I'm sorry it's not what you want to hear.

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