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Old problem coming back agiain -M.netters please help!

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toot Sat 29-Jan-05 13:36:47

I tried to post my problem onto the orig` thread I had nearly 2 years ago but no one has bitten yet. I think this may be because it says 100+ messages. I thought I`d try on a fresh thread and do my first ever link to the old one.

My origonal problem is here

I`ve typed my new problem in the last 2 posts of the thread. Please help.

kama Sat 29-Jan-05 15:59:59

Message withdrawn

charliecat Sat 29-Jan-05 16:06:24

Havent read the whole first post just your last one...why does the reception teacher need to be putting them on the same table? Could you suggest they werent? That would save you from having him being immediate friends with them....would it?
Keep your head up, your already on the govering body, stay there with pride!

JanH Sat 29-Jan-05 16:46:47

toot, these women baffle me - haven't they got something better to do?

re the LEA governor business, it may comfort you to know that one of the best Chairs of Govs our primary school ever had was an LEA gov who was also a parent - but not a parent gov - but anyway don't let them get to you!!!

I agree with the other advice here - ignore (politely) and be proud of who you are.

toot Sat 29-Jan-05 20:33:40

Thanks Kama, your advice sounds similar to my husbands. He says these women are not important and only become omportant if I let them.

Would "not being negative" include telling Felicity anything about the past relationships I had with J and B?

Charlie cat, the reception teacher thinks she`s doing the kids a favour because J`s little one and mine have big brothers who sat next to each other when they were in reception. I didn`t know what to say to her as I didin`t feel it appropriate to lay out the whole story.

JanH - No I dont think they have a lot going on. I think B is mor socially aware than J (this is why she packed of her hubby to the info evening rather than going herself). She seems to mix, or want to mix,with the same "type" of mummy as me. J has to wait for her son at the same door as me and usually stands alone. From what I knew of their home relationships J is under the thum of her 1950`s style hubby (he orders her around) and B controls her husband with almost the same vigor.

I try to be proud of who I am but since I became a SAHM (which I wouldnt change)I find its so easy to have my confidence knocked.

Cam Tue 15-Feb-05 17:24:36

hi toot I tend to agree with kama's advice for your situation. I think its important not to give these women more of your time and energy than you have to. Obviously you know whether Felicity is a close enough friend to confide in or not, but I would be very wary of talking about other school mothers negatively, it could backfire if she doesn't view the women in the same way. My advice is to avoid them as much as possible and deal with them in a civil manner when you have to have contact.

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