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Am in shock! My best friend got married and .................

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collision Sat 29-Jan-05 13:06:24

for a start didnt tell me!

She sent me a card to tell me and so I rang her completely gobsmacked. I didnt even know she was seeing anyone!

It turns out she went to Turkey for a holiday and met a Turkish guy out there. She went back a few weeks later and got engaged in November and married in December! He is coming to live in Lancashire with her on Sunday.

I just cant believe it and although I hope she is very happy, I have a strange feeling she might not be.

Gwenick Sat 29-Jan-05 13:08:57

Wow what a shock - but think on the bright side she may actually be happy.

I got together with my DH (and found out his name - ie 'met' him for the first time too LOL) at the end of November, we got engaged on New Years eve and the only reason we didn't get married there and then was because it just wasn't something that we could do in Zimbabwe - and I knew it would break my mum's heart if she wasn't there for my wedding - so we planned if for the following December (1yr after meeting).

We've now been married 5yrs and are Very happy -

pipsy1 Sat 29-Jan-05 13:09:28

Oh my God....... How old is she? As you say, its hard to have a great deal of faith in this kind of relationship, but try to stay positive for her and be supportive. She is sure to need it, as I am sure there are many family/friends who are not exactly positive

Kayleigh Sat 29-Jan-05 13:11:10

When was the last time you spoke to her ?? I have a best friend who can barely go to the toilet without telling me but then we are in contact at least every other day by phone or email.

What gave you the impression she wasn't happy ?

collision Sat 29-Jan-05 13:16:20

No, no...dont get me wrong. She IS happy and he is coming over from Turkey on Sunday to live with her.

She is 34 and never been married before.

I live in Italy and so hadnt seen much of her for a while tho we always meet up when I am in the UK and she stayed here for a while.

It just seems very quick. Meeting in July on holiday, engaged in Nov and married in Dec. I am all for a holiday romance but she has married him and he is going to window clean when he gets here! I bet he will miss the Turkish sunshine!

I suppose I am still shocked that I didnt know she was seeing anyone and then get a card to say she is married. And I wanted to be a bridesmaid!

Gwenick Sat 29-Jan-05 13:20:14

oh if she's 34 I'd say good on her! she waited longer than I did to get engaged! I was 19 when I got engaged just 1 month after meeting my DH!! At 34 I'd say she's probably got her head screwed on better than I did at 19 (not that I made a bad mistake - anything from it - but if I'd have been 34 I may have 'thought' longer about it).

pipsy1 Sat 29-Jan-05 13:20:36

I know what you mean! Never like to miss out on a wedding - perhaps you can persuade her to have a party to celebrate in UK next time you are home!

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