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Wonderful dh

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SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 15:33:40

Always feel like I'm posting such unhappy things on MN so decided today it's going to be a good one. Lots of people seem to say how horrid their dp/dhs are on this section.
I just want to say how WONDERFUL my dh is and I love him to pieces. He is so kind and loving to me and dds and I we give him a lot of worry. I am on ADs at the moment and I made him cry the other day as he says that he is afraid to come home from work sometimes as he doesn't know what mood he is going to find me in.
He does everything for me - helps loads around the house, shopping and is the most wonderful father any child could ask for.
Sorry if you think I'm soppy but I mean it.

charleypops Fri 28-Jan-05 15:35:24

Aw Sparkler - your post almost made me cry x

KBear Fri 28-Jan-05 15:36:12

That is wonderful - make sure you tell him!

lilsmum Fri 28-Jan-05 15:37:01

sparkler1,thats so sweet!!!you should let him read this

blueteddy Fri 28-Jan-05 15:38:31

You are lucky to have such a wonderful dh!

Beansmum Fri 28-Jan-05 15:41:22

beansprout Fri 28-Jan-05 15:43:08

Aw Sparkler - that's fab. I feel the same about my dp - fab innit?!!

fairyfly Fri 28-Jan-05 15:43:28

If i were you i would get the kids to bed, fill the house with candles and cook him a three course meal.
Love love doing that. Does he help with your depression then, it can be very difficult to understand.

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 15:47:50

He tries to help me but there's nothing he or anyone can do TBH. Bless his heart he has just phoned me from work. He is having a really bad day at work - he is really snowed under there and it has got so bad one his colleagues has resigned. He phoned up to see if I was having a good day.

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 15:54:49

Bit tricky to get romatic around here at the moment. My sister lives with us at the moment.

fairyfly Fri 28-Jan-05 15:56:13

Gi9ve her a tenner and send her to the cinema

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 15:56:41

but she's nearly 30!!!!!!!!!!!

kernowcat Fri 28-Jan-05 15:59:20

Hi Sparkler! Its great to hear you sounding so happy. I was looking through archive threads and discoverd we're on the same ADs and started within days of each other! My DP says the same about coming home! Hes been away all week and I cann't wait to hug him later!!!
Hope you have a great evening.

kernowcat Fri 28-Jan-05 16:00:25

At her age she should be out on a Friday night anyway!!!!!!

fairyfly Fri 28-Jan-05 16:00:38

Im thirty, i wouldn't mind, or even better start maing each other, i leave the room when my sister and bil start giving out the horn

fairyfly Fri 28-Jan-05 16:02:03

maing each other?? i meant mauling each other

FineFigureFio Fri 28-Jan-05 16:07:23

Its lovely you think he is wonderful. But is he okay? He is not depressed is? I only say this because of the crying at work

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 16:11:53

He didn't cry at work. We had a good blub together. We've have a pretty rotten time with one thing or another before christmas. This and me feeling very down brought it all to a head. he's okay.

FineFigureFio Fri 28-Jan-05 16:16:32

oh sorry to hear you have been having a really rough time, whats happened you poor thing?

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 16:22:26

Loads! Posted threads about them before.
Step-dad was in hospital and we nearly lost him. He suffers with really bad bronchitis and has done since a kid. He is home now on oxygen, luckily in time for christmas, and doctor seems to think that he is very likely to get another chest infection in the next six months.
Dh's great-auntie died so had funeral in Bristol Wednesday before xmas. My Uncle died in Wales and I had to go to his funeral on christmas eve. Dh took the day off work to look after dds and dd1 had her finger shut in the door in Asda - lost her fingernail now - luckily healing on it's own (they thought she might need plastic surgery at one point). Had to rush back from Wales as I wanted to be home to put kids to bed xmas eve. Just a few things!

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 20:50:44

Just gonna show dh this thread now.......

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 20:52:49

He said "awwwwww thank you" and gave me a big hug and kiss.

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 21:54:02

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 23:06:14

oooooooooh and he has been rubbing my back all night too - what a man!!

SPARKLER1 Fri 28-Jan-05 23:10:28

he's so good to me

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