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mummybb, are you there?

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rascalboys Tue 17-Jun-08 09:53:14

If so....are you okay?

haven't seen anything from you in a while.

Take care x

mummybb Wed 25-Jun-08 14:43:27

Hey rascal!

Indeed it's been a while...

I am fine - but I have been a baaaaad girl again blush and I'm not sure I'm ready for everyone's harsh words ( For clarification it is nothing to do with torytwatboy).

I have not dared go on MN though - but I did lurk v briefly several weeks ago now and saw what you had done and I was surprised (not shocked) and have been worried about you - I will get back on at some point soon, I have missed y'all. I just don't trust myself at this moment.

will speak soon - hope you're ok


rascalboys Wed 25-Jun-08 15:56:59

it's good to hear from you.

Yes, I know what I did was shock but no contact since.....weeks now. Not even a text.

Would love to catch up with you...I won't be harsh with you!

rascalboys Mon 01-Sep-08 16:14:25

mummybb - how you doin?

I'm doing good, hardly think about him now. Not seen him for 3 months at least.

Anyway...I have news! are you there??

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