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Bloody jealous sisters!!

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Angeliz Thu 20-Jan-05 09:40:50

My two sisters are seriously doing my head in.
The one is 33 and has a problem with me and my mam having such a good relationship.
She even said that my mam doesn't love her as much, funnily enough it always coincides with her splitting from her latest man as when she's in love (3 times last year), she couldn't give a shit when she sees any of her family.

The other one has 2 boys aged 2 + 3. I have one girl aged 3.
My mam has the boys 5 or 6 times a week, takes them shopping every Saturday, babysits regularly and usually takes the older boy to nursery as his dad can't be arsed.She has my dd one afternoon a week and every 3 months or so dd sleeps at her house as she's always gone to bed great at 7.30. My sister has now gotten jealous of this fact as the boys haven't yet slept as ubtil recently their routine was to fall asleep at 10 or 11 infront of the telly and my mam didn't feel able to cope at night with the 2 of them.
ANYWAY, it's not a competition, (if it was i think it's bloody obvious who the golden boys are) but my mam said last night, "oh i was gonna ask your dd to sleep aswell but don't want to offned your sister noe", i said that if this affected her relationship with dd then she'd offend ME!!
I am so sick of it all, petty bloody childish games and i never say a word but TBH, there's been more than one occasion where my dd has been snubbed and it pisses me off that i have to DEFEND myself!!!!

Rant over!
Phew, feel better now

Socci Thu 20-Jan-05 09:48:35

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Thu 20-Jan-05 09:56:45

Thanks Socci, that's it, i can take whatever you throw at me but when it's unwarranted jealousy of dd the it really gets me

Socci Thu 20-Jan-05 10:17:05

Message withdrawn

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