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Feeling worn out . . .

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Libb Mon 17-Jan-05 23:51:47

What do you do when you have attempted every bit of gentle coaxing that might encourage your DP to talk but yet nowt is happening?

I just practically told my DP that I would leave if we continue as we are because I do not want DS's life and my life to be "enriched" with DP's in-communicative, impassive, indifferent attitude. I like my cards on the table and yet whenever we speak he barely acknowledges an emotion - his or mine . . . I have already had one bad marriage and I really want us to get this sorted, right now I just feel like walking away. Again a reason for posting? am I the sort to give up too easily?! argh!

He has gone up to bed without a bare word, tomorrow he won't mention it at all. If I just went would he notice? somehow I doubt it.

essbee Mon 17-Jan-05 23:56:21

Message withdrawn

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