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FAO stressed mummy and lulopop

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Loobie Mon 17-Jan-05 09:38:50

Hiya ladies how are you both doing,havent seen much activity on your threads lately,hope this means things are going quietly and all is as well as it can be.Take care i think about you both every day.

lulupop Mon 17-Jan-05 17:22:48

hi loobie, thanks for thinking of us. haven't posted on my thread recently as it's all just been more of the same at home.

only new thing is that I think dh has finally got it through his head that I am serious about leaving. His reaction to that is to turn himself into Super-Husband, doing all the things with ds that he never normally does, cooking for me, tidying the kitchen, even dealing with the baby at night.

This makes it even harder for me to turn around and say "But I still don't love you any more" as a litte piece of me is wondering, if he keeps this up, will I get some of my original feelings back?

Anyway will post on my thread again soon - thanks again for thinking of us/ I winder where Stressedmummy is?

stressedmummy Mon 17-Jan-05 18:27:08

How sweet of you to think of us loobie.
Things have been quite quiet here, but then again H is on 12 hour day turn at the mo, so I don't see that much of him.
Glad to hear that your H is making an effort lulu.
Have you told him that you have been to see a solicitor yet?
My H would go mad if he even found out that I was looking into that option!

Loobie Mon 17-Jan-05 19:18:43

lulupop dont be drawn into his false sense of security remember how bad he can be and what he's capable of.He is trying to be nice because he obviously can see you are serious this time,he will turn again back to what he was and maybe worse when he really really realises you are serious and on your way out.Just keep squirreling away money and knowledge ready for you escape to freedom.

Stressedmum you too can gain knowledge and he doesnt have to know,if he's on 12 hour days then that should give you time to seek some advice,please do hun!!For what its worth i so remember the piece i used to get when ex worked long shifts,just think you could/will have that all the time when you are free.

Take care ladies and dont be afriad to shout if you need us.
Liz xx

stressedmummy Mon 17-Jan-05 19:31:47

Thanks loobie, you are such a sweetie!

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