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Cross with DH - rant warning

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PicadillyCircus Fri 14-Jan-05 20:00:20

DH just phoned to say he is having a drink with his boss. I on the other hand not knowing this had kept DS up a bit later so that DH could see him. Don't know why he couldn't have told me (he spoke to me on the phone before but presumably it was spur of the minute type of thing).

And I left the car near the station rather than bringing it home so that DH could drive it rather than walk. Oh well, he can pick it up tomorrow.

I don't mind him going out but I do like to know. And just at the moment I need him more than normal.

It's better to rant here than at him I suppose.

Back to the excitement of cleaning the kitchen of all the mess one 1 year old can make over supper.

Yorkiegirl Fri 14-Jan-05 20:01:49

Message withdrawn

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